Today marks Day Three of the PC Computer hostage crisis.

Tomorrow I plan to take a pic of my computer, dark and gaunt, holding up a copy of the day's paper.

What craziness!

What I failed to mention in my previous entry is that even with all the crap flying around in my profession right now, I am somehow handling it better. I have pretty good kids that want to work for me and even those who don't are mostly respectful. I am happier to do this job than before. Go figure.

Lots of time taken up recently by the Winds West Elementary Book Fair. Worked for a friend for an hour tonight and then was free babysitting for my fake niece the rest of the evening. We played a game I had to create on the spot called "Buy bye". We go to Hobby Lobby to look around and when she says "buy", I declare it time to say "bye".

We learn word skills AND economic restraint.

Time to enter some of the ideas that inspired me to start this blog in the first place...

This is without a doubt the hardest year ever to teach. Cuts left and right have everyone covering the slack left by teachers who weren't rehired plus a September start at the school year has everything happening so much quicker.

And then they expect me to care!!

I have one kid who I just have to look away from. He is hurtling himself to a wall and I just can't stand to see guts splattered. The most normal thing about this kid is that he is gay. Down from that, he is on meds for anxiety and depression and sees a counselor. He is full of Wagerian level drama over his situation. "How will I ever talk to my dad about college when he's always drinking?!" Hm...perhaps you can squeeze it in when you're not stoned? I can only take fleeting glances at this sad sad kid to report serious cries for help and to help him keep his grades afloat. Perhaps I sound like the Church Lady, but I can't help the unhelpable.

Quote to a know it all student teacher who proclaimed in the lunch room that he was sure glad his wife took care of all the shopping and cleaning...

"Well, until the state of Oklahoma lets me have a wife, I gotta eek by on my own."

Piece of crap.

Today was a freaking tornado. Blood drive has not only me out but half my classes and the network went down so we were forced to spend half the day like the Amish. No phones, no access to grades or attendance. Art thou kidding me?!? I jumped in my buggy and left earlier than ever.

What you may ask is an Educat? I think it's sort of like how people who are members of an oppressed group tend to call each other by the derogatory term used against them (does that make any kind of sense?).

I am a public school teacher. I once was listening to Christian talk radio in a vain attempt to be edified (my first mistake) when I heard them referring to my collegues (am I even close to spelling all this stuff) and I as Educrats. I have altered this term with the help of my trusty sidekick/bosom friend since High School/Homeschooling mother of four to add the flair of Disney to a derogaory political term.

I'm here, I teach for the State, Get used to it.