Soooo we're purple now, eh?

I have decided to continue with my sad little Sunday School (sad not because they are small. but because I am afraid they are shallow) through Lent as they are participating in a multi class Lenten series with teachers from all over the church. I figure this is a good way to plot my next move (either convince them to think harder or find another place). Today we talked about the whole liturgical calendar. Wow. Liturgical calendar, where have you been all my life!? The point of the whole concept is one of teaching, and how little of that have I had in my adult life!?! I also love the concept that this rhythm to the year is one that connects me with thousands of years of church history and also with Christians all over the world.

When I expressed my hesitancy of joining the rest of my class to see The Passion of Christ this weekend, I had my first breakthough moment. We might all chicken out together. I just brushed the edges of my reasoning (which you, dear reader already know) and both gals agreed with me. Two ground rules were set: a. we eat before (yes, perhaps the gore would ruin a shared meal but I am more thinking of my state shortly after an ugly cry or sullen mood or whatever will happen). and 2. We can bail and see a comedy and all understand that we love Jesus anyway. Information on my decision will follow here.

Ran into one of my former students "all grown up" and found the true impact of my life. "Yeah, my friend's daughter was talking too much so I told her to shut her piehole."

Someone has done some inspiring.

...and this was her Saturday night

Ok, if all is correct I have comments on blogger now. Congratulate me on my new level of geek. If this makes me happy, I will stay here. I did road test ModBlog and created a post with a funny email from college friends. Read if you want.

Oh Bright New Day, We're Moving Away!

I am not keeping a point total, but anyone who knows the musical containing this entry's title would sure get a lot.

I am messing with another hosting service, so view my obligatory thoughts on "The Passion of Christ" here and remember, even though I know how it ends, I haven't seen it yet.

Upsaid has comments and a guest book, please use 'em.

Diet Coke with what price?

GFF Grocery has lived up to the exclamation of my sister "Great Freakin Food!". I finally found those 8 oz shot cans of Diet Coke with Lime after visiting two other stores this afternoon. Thrilled with my good fortune, I decide to peruse thier video dept (is calling it a "video" section as outdated as a "record store"?). As I peruse, I am approached by a 30-ish working class guy (not approached, he just walks up)

guy: "How you doin'?"

quirkyalone me: "Doin well, thanks."

him: "What movies come out lately that'r good?"

me: "How long has it been since you've looked at movies?"

he of the early self disclosure: "Well, I just got out of prison, so..."

finally making eye contact: "You have not seen movies in a while, have you? What kind of movie do you like?"

*note that I am aware I will have no recommendations for this man but if he needs to connect with a bookish girl in the GFF so be it.*

him: "Oh, action, action." (picking up a DVD) "You like 'at Matchstick Men?"

me: "Erumph, well, Nicholas Cage..."

My dad later commented, "You laugh at The GFF, but you got what you wanted...and maybe a little more!"

Why didn't I have these when I spent my 4th Valentine's Day in a row with teenagers at a conference?

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime and Back Again

The day begins with me almost late to school and then, oh yeah, you're being evaluated.

Stop reading, Rod Paige, you won't like this.

I was a bad comic playing a room of three at the Catskills. Did I attempt to ask questions and inspire? Did they stare at me slack jawed? Did I conduct the most sucessful Quiet Game session around?

Yes yes and yes.

When my prinicpal left, one kid said, "Boy, we sure were quiet! We wanted to make you look good!"

Don't do me any favors, Sparky.

But was it a great day in Humanities or WHAT?? Kids taught various sections of the Hebrew chapter and in the process of discussion, we got to the idea together that the concept of church/state seperation might be a Christian construct. The teaching of Jesus went so far beyond the conciousness of law that the two began to grow apart---this came from a Sophomore! Wow. How is it to be so together so young?

Albertson's, dead to me. No Diet Coke with Lime.

Who do you think you are, Bjorn Nitmo?

Thanks to Citrus for a reminder of our long ago "Catch Phrase for the 1990's" craze.

Mazel Tov to Curt and Kenna! Both the regular readers of my blog will join you in wishing nothing but the best.

Other catch phrases that never caught on...

"Hey, didja know we get chapel credit for Braum's Requiem?"

"That wheel really is heavy."

Thanks for a great faux IM.

Wal Mart Neighborhood Market was almost placed on the list of "dead to me" when they did not have Diet Coke with Lime (do I get free stuff for product placement?) but quickly regained favor when they played Elvis Costello to entertain me while I shopped. I was THE ONLY person in the soup aisle singing along.

For the sake of my mixed audience (whoever you are, really, anyone reading?), I will not wax overly political, but anyone else know why Rod Paige is touching his temples in all those pics? Really, it's the only one I see. I will brush the political only to say that since I am also reading Black Like Me for use in English II, I have this vision of Rod Paige as sort of a Frank Keating version of the story.

A move to typepad might allow comments and pic posting, so I am considering it. I only say that after a conversation with a student of mine about (as my dad of the superflous article might say) "The Xanga". Can you be over 30 and do the Xanga? I know that both of you here would be facinated to know what I am listening to and what I am reading...I dunno.

Happy first day of Lent, so far I am holding to my commitment (a whopping 12 hours and counting).

So I pay monthly dues to a terrorist organization! I have so much to say about this and yet absolutely nothing.

Haul out the felt story board! We start discussing the Hebrews in Humanities tomorrow! I love looking at the "Bible Friends" (as I said when I was a 4 year old SS teacher) through this historical lens. Here we have been ambling through civilizations that were great because they were huge and innovative. We just finished the Romans, who gave us philosophy we still read! Then the book drops back and picks up this obscure society who was mostly held captive by those more powerful. "Take note", I tell my class, "the rest of the book turns on this chapter.". Wow. Most of the rest of what we will study will turn on the effects that Jesus' teachings and followers had on the world.

Not much else, the lone comment on yesterday's entry was in support of Hugh Grant as a major player in the Crib Chick and Educat project. Thank you Rachel, calls are being made and deals are being inked. Did you hear that, Jill? My next card to play is a Lyle Lovett cameo.

I am proud to note here that even Jill's husband, a ten years older Air Force sergeant, admits to the genius of this project. While watching Letterman the other night, I am told that Jill lamented the fact that other people actually make money writing comedy for Letterman--and he isn't doing hard stuff! She then declared that she and I could do such a thing for a living and what did Chuck say....

"Yeah, you're right"

Now, I don't want to infer too much subtext here but I am just sure he meant "Yes, you are right and that is one of the greatest tragedies of our era. Such injustice should be made right."

I am reading Lamb right now, sooooo funny and not entirely irreverent.

Things I have done since this last update--

-Taught an entire rotation of Comm students and then some
-Cared for two ailing family members
-Gone through about 5 bottles of "make your hair curlier" gel
-completed my 5th retail Christmas
-lived for 5 weeks driving a one door car
-mocked about three people who never update blogs

*Sigh* Which story line shall we follow? Choose your own adventure...

My favorite quote of last week came from an English teacher at school, she has a PhD and has taught for a zillion years. When I corrected my own grammar in conversation, she smiled sweetly and touched my arm. "Educat," she said "we are Okies first and English teachers second.". Astute, Dr. Watson (no, really, that's her name) but if I take that farther then how can I continue my crusade against the use of "be" as an action verb? Must I relinquish my use of "innit?" at the ends of sentences in order to get subject/verb agreement? I'll get back to you on that one.

Once again, I will have to enter a loveless marraige in order to find a decent Sunday School class. My quest for the Christian life beyond the Fundamentalist world led Tonia and I to a class of three people who although nice enough, didn't pray in class! And they had the nerve to make a jab about the lack of prayer in public schools!! On our third visit, I dropped my opinion on the topic and suggested that instead of merely talking about God, we might speak directly TO him. Seems only polite. Beth howled with me later in the week that I must OWN them now ("YOU will bring donuts next week and we will be studying Moses and the Exodus, MOSES AND THE EXODUS!!!") I missed this morning...facinated to have heard what went down.

After a near brush with death, my Dad seems to be preparing for a Queer-Eye like makeover. He is endlessly facinated by my Bath and Body products (he likes tomato face scrub, pumpkin mask, and eucalyptus spearamint sugar scrub and body cream), seems to have bought a whole new wardrobe whose main focus is natural fibers. The goatee my sister and I helped him groom while in the hospital is filling in nicely and he speaks constantly of his running tab of Weight Watcher points. I just need to see him clean his ears with his keys again so I know it's him.

Jill and I have decided to write a screenplay this summer. Really. Now that it is in print it MUST HAPPEN. It is semiaubiographical, there just is no better stuff than the story of a public school teacher and a home schooling mother of four. Our first major development meeting consisted of much howling over the potential cast.
Educat--Renee Zellweger (who would love the chance to REALLY bulk up for a role!)
Jill--Laura San Giocomo
Educat's love interest who doesn't work out--Hugh Grant (you promised, Jill!)
Who did we cast as Jill's Husband? It escapes me...

Ok, my plan now is for you, gentle reader, to email me and let me know which story line I ought to follow. Perhaps that will make me more accountable to update. I have forced kids to journal for six years and I suppose it's payback time.

I am reading this blog a real lot lately. Good stuff.