So, it's been weeks since I've posted. I am one of those people who tend to hibernate when I am pondering tough stuff. A friend of mine and I both hurt each other pretty badly earlier this month and I took time away from blogging to ponder and such, and I am back now. Granted, I'm not sure many people read this, but I am back!

So, here's my latest pondering, dishes. Now, to me, dishes are a part of life. You eat and drink everyday and your dishes get piled up in the kitchen. So, at the end of the day, you wash the dishes and let them dry overnight and put them away and start over each day and do it all over again the next day. That's life. So, I go over 3 days a week to tutor Jay, and from the table I sit at, I noticed something: they don't do dishes. Yeah, they are a fairly rich family, so they hire someone to come in and do it for them. So, on Monday when I go to tutor, their kitchen looks awful! The dishes are so high that you can't see the sink itself! Now, here's the thing, everyone in the home has two arms and hands, just as I do, but noone thinks twice as they put their stuff in the sink. It saddened me, in a sense. But, it made me realize something. Everyone can impact you, positively or negatively, and well, I don't want to be lazy like that. Dishes are just dishes, but they speak louder than that. As always, perspective is everything. Yes, I guess I do think too much at times, but that's okay, at least I have a clean kitchen.

I guess that's about it for now.


The Part Where I Slowly Begin To Think Again Of Home

Today I was snapped momentarily out of my crunchy granola artsy summer world by a kid at the dining hall wearing a University of Oklahoma t shirt. I approached him like something from a world I no longer knew, a world where all the Route 44 Sonic drinks on earth couldn't atone for the SUV's, W stickers, and suburban sprawl.

"Hey, are you from Oklahoma?"

"Uh, no. I'm from Vermont"

"Oh, uh, I live 20 min from OU and I just wondered. How'd you get the

"My dad went there (the "shhhaa" noise was silent, but

"Oh, well, so'd mine. Boomer Sooner."

It's Not All Snooty Academia Around Here...

Seminars on Shakespeare's use of the Leprechaun are forthcoming.

Just Because This Is The Best Soapbox I Have... seems that this is a good place to say something.

When you send someone a sympathy card, it's not a good time to send pictures of yourself. Just in case this is the first time you've heard this, let me repeat. Don't send pictures of yourself in a sympathy card.

She did, however, give me a laugh. Perhaps it's good for that.

Ok, first some business: I am fine. Except when I am not. Then, I am not fine. I can't envision any advice that would fix this situation. There just isn't a solution. Your comments of sympathy and advice are kind, but honestly, I can't take this path in the way any of you have. Email conversations on this topic are welcome, but let's comment along other topics. Thank you for understanding. With that, the news.

Dear me, there is a world outside of the Bible belt!! I am at Smith College in Northampton, MA and have a list of HUGE differences!! Catastrophic differences that make me wonder if I might be able to do without great big iced down peach teas and cokes and MOVE!!!

  • One can walk to anything in this town and even with temps in the 90's and insane humidity, I am quite the happy pedestrian. Did you know it's state law here to yeild for pedestrians? Geez, at home, anyone not driving an SUV is a pedestrian.
  • There are two movie theatres in town and both are art houses. Mmmmm......movies.
  • I'll risk sounding like Ellie Mae Clampett here, but I saw me a play last week that was reviewed by the New York Times! And I mostly agree with the review!
  • The food service guy in our tiny dining hall reads Food and Wine magazine. Often.
  • The grafitti says things like "Biophillic Revolution!"
  • and yes, Virginia, there is yarn.

Expect additions to this's quite an experience. Meanwhile, you might read my new friend's view of the experience.

I Am Both Laughing Out Loud And Nodding With Slight Respect

"Yes, I am qualified to beat people up. But I am pretty intelligent,"

Sunday School!

I tell ya what, I miss teaching kids. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't miss the lesson planning, grading papers, or being up at 6am to be at work by 7:30am, but I miss the kids. So, last Sunday when I taught Sunday School, I HAD A BLAST! I t ell ya, there's just something about teaching "regular" kids that re-energizes me. I teach Special Education during the school year, so to be in a room full of kids who can read and write blesses me! I had such a fun time last week I told my pastor's wife after it was over, "I wish I had one more week with the kids because I am not done with this topic." She turned to me and said, "So, you wanna be back here next week too?" Now normally I would've kicked into my selfish side and thought "I want to be in the congregation next week", but that didn't happen. I turned to her and said, "yeah, I do." Today I got up and was pumped about teaching. This month I began being in charge of the older kid's curriculum and lessons, which is a stretch for me, but I am enjoying it. Of course, it's easy right now without a job to go to everyday. Anyway, I LOVED today. I've been at this church a little over a year now, and I finally see some real growth in these kids. They're now praying for one another, and are asking for prayer too. I love it! It's so exciting! Kids...they're jewels...complete jewels. :-)

I am also still tutoring my autistic student three times a week as well. His parents were afraid if we took the summer off just as we did last summer it would be hard to get him back in the swing of things in the fall. I am thankful for this, as Jay is a bright spot in my life. Kids...aren't they great?

So, I guess that's about it for now.

Have a terrific day!



I tell ya, I am LOVING this whole time off stuff! I took my adopted nephew, Jake, swmming yesterday at the pool. And, it has diving boards, and we had the BEST time! I tell ya what, it was a hoot watching this kid be able to go off the HIGH dive, while I was a chicken and only did the low dive. I love to dive though, and so it was a really fun time for both of us! I tell ya, this teaching gig is working for me. hehehe

I got up early today (Yeah, ouch, I'm used to sleepin' in now!) and went to a reception for teachers. I tell ya what, I am fortunate to live in a community that values what teachers do. I wound up speaking on the radio (it was an AM station for 30 seconds, not exactly a biggie!) and we had our pictures taken for the paper. :-) It was a hoot! I hope where you live teachers are held in such high regard as they are here. With all the hats we wear, I feel it's one of the toughest jobs in the world.

So, now that I've rambled, my couch is calling my name!

We are having my other adopted nephew, Austin, tonight. I can hardly wait! I'm such a kid at heart!


Life Lessons and Perspectives

Greetings from Missouri!

I tell ya, this is my third day off from teaching, and I am enjoying it. I haven't done a whole lot, but it's been nice. Sleeping in has been my favorite part. I'm one of those people who stays up late and sleeps late if I don't have anywhere to be the following day. :-) Yeah,'s free, takes no energy, and you can sleep any time of the day! I tell ya, this teacher gig is working for me! :-)

In other news, I heard from Z-boy's Mom this evening. They have put him on medication, as he went to the doctor today. I am thrilled, and find it ironic that he's on meds AFTER I am done teaching him for Summer School. Irony, I tell ya! However, his Mom was very thankful for all I've done for him...I felt blessed. I only planted a seed, but it's one I know will last a lifetime for the kid. Yep, that's the reason we do this job!

The only drawback to this break so far has been that a friend of mine and I seem to have parted ways. I am saddened by this, as it's someone who blesses me beyond measure daily. I know conflict is a part of life, but I hate it. I'm one of those people who wants everyone to get along, and for me to stay out of the conflict. I truly believe perspective is everything, and I am praying that both of us have a perspective check and don't lose ground. However, if we do, I think it's all a life lesson for me. I can let it get me down, or I can view it as a lesson from God. I'll go with the lesson from God perspective...

Well, I've rambled on long enough!

Have a terrific day!