Thinking During The Commute

I wonder what percentage of grades that we give are based upon knowledge gained and what percent is based on putting forth the effort to gain that knowledge? I wonder what sort of percentage is ideal?

In case you worry that I get too introspective too early in the morning, I also wondered about the ramifications of hailing from a state who spawned back to back Miss Americas. Does this increase the pressure on me to finally shape my eyebrows and iron my clothes?

And now for the answers,

I think that although effort does matter and should be recognized, it's a delicate balance we have to find to seperate disciplinary issues and academic issues. We have to teach good habits without basing a student's entire grade on those habits.

And the second question? Nope. Not today anyway.


...for I cannot seem to visit any part of the internets but this one. Go and find cool things. It's like that one cool table at the craft fair without sifting through the painted wood lawn stuff and potpourri.

Furthermore, Those People Only Have One Class A Day!

Amanda shares a wonderful op-ed piece on the many problems with teacher movies.

What would happen if someone made a real teacher TV show or movie? Is it that society can't handle this reality? Is it too complicated to show a realistic day and develop a story arc? Or does anyone really care what it's like?

The Big 'Un Of Aught-Seven

Best weather quote so far...

"You can't see it snowing in Central Oklahoma, but it is!"

Another Life, Saved By Yarn

In their nonstop efforts to charm me, Lion Brand yarns has launched a line of organic cotton. I love organic cotton. I love this cotton more because it holds the keys to immortality.

From the Lion Brand Newsletter...

Lion Brand's new yarn, Organic Cotton, comes from that same soil. Harvested and sorted by hand, the cotton is free of pesticides and herbicides. This cotton grows in 4 natural colors, right on the plant, so dying is not necessary. Now these subtle earth tones are available to you. This all-natural, soft and versatile new yarn is ideal for all sorts of projects, from baby clothing to luxurious clothing and items for your home.

Have I Missed Something?

Did something in our culture happen that suddenly made the phrase "Dead Dad Club" all the rage? I've had thirteen hits tonight looking for the phrase.

Economics For Compulsive Eaters me!

hat tip (of my winter, ice encrusted stocking cap that reveals some nasty hat head) to reizamara

Rick Younger Live at Caroline's

Rick Younger wants to be famous. I want to help him out because he's funny, married to my friend, and picked up the tab at Irma's when they were in the OC for Christmas.

Rick's wife Vanessa has asked that I "pass it along to some
others, you know, especially the young folks. Or people in cubicles." You are probably some of those people, so here you are.

Be advised that the line "Gimme a cup of gravy" makes me giggle no matter the time or place.

Anecdotal Evidence That I Might In Fact Be As Cranky As I Seem...

1. I have graciously loaned the instruction of Humanities to another teacher for a year. Not much else to say about this, it's for the good of the team and admin wants me teaching more English. Today, the Asst Principal for Curriculum comes by. There's been a serious scheduling error, it seems.

"In your opinion, should Ancient Humanities be offered BEFORE Modern

Um. Yes. You see, the words "Ancient" and "Modern" in the course titles indicate chronology and when time is referenced, we tend to start with earlier events. You'll recall such wisdom from Sound of Music. Begin with Do Re Mi and leave me alone.

2. Child comes to class 45 min late. I give him all three things we've already gone through and the assignment we're working on now.

"Mang, we gotta write this on paper?!"

Nope. Write it on your hand and turn that in. Or stone tablets, that would be cool.

The Second Coming And The Year Of The Sweater

It was my favorite yarn. It's makeup was 50% natural fiber and it was light enough for a warm climate. It was a good yarn in a pleasing color palette that was affordable and even more so with coupons from the discount stores. I loved it, but never got around to making the sweater I had hoped to make. And I just looked around, and it was gone.

And now behold, the Lord has heard my cries to restore a great loss (although really, this isn't the loss I was praying to restore...).

Behold, the second coming of Cotton Ease!

I shan't make the same mistake twice and so with its resurfacing, I now declare 2007 The Year Of The Sweater. So now, it's just about which pattern to make. Here are my thoughts, I expect pattern suggestions and well wishes.

Sweater guidelines:
1. It needs to be versatile and classic because I will want to wear it until I die (because even though I will do this once, I don't see doing it often).

2. Should be lightweight because I live in Oklahoma and work in a heated building.

3.Shouldn't be crazy difficult, but stockinette will bore me to tears over the course of an ENTIRE garment (remember, I'm not small).

So, all of this says to me either short sleeve pullover or a sleeveless piece to layer (for I am bare armed phobic). Perhaps cables? I have this vision of a big cabled vest or a cabled zippered round neck cardigan (also sleeveless). Short sleeve pullovers should have some sort of shaping to give the glorious illusion of girl-shaped-ness.

So there. It's the Year Of The Sweater and I need your thoughts. Any other new-ish knitters care to jump in with me?