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What Could You Possibly Be Looking For

...when you Google the phrase "4 boys pregnant with a girl sewing and homeschooling blog"?

This is not that blog.

I'm talking to you, searcher from Sanford, Maine.

Oh, For Better Memory!

I was almost on the news this weekend! You wonder, I am sure, what for. Perhaps it was for my grade's huge gains in test scores this past year. Maybe I was waxing philosophical on my love of community or children.

Unfortunately, it was for nothing that good. In fact, I'm not even guilty of said act. I thought about it, though. If I had put my foot into the hind parts of an Oklahoma State Representative who spoke to my children on Saturday, I would have made the news.

We were honored, really, to host our House Speaker and another Representative. They wanted to hear the ideas of these kids. It was a lovely experience and an honor. Really.

The kids had great ideas for all areas of State Government. Because they spend so much of their time in school, they had many ideas about Education.

Now, here's where it gets sketchy.

The not-Speaker-Representative spoke to the kids thanking them for their great ideas and input and when speaking of their ideas on Education, he said something like, "Teachers I have spoken to are afraid of higher educational standards". Maybe he said "Teachers I have spoken to are in favor of lowering educational standards"? "Teachers I have spoken to do not favor high educational standards"?

I should take notes and document my outrage, really I should.

It's my forgetful nature that keeps me from emailing said Rep and informing him that I don't know a single teacher (ok, maybe that one lady, but we're really hoping she retires) who doesn't support high standards. We support these standards by continuing to teach despite so many odds. I've half a mind to YouTube a video impression of my student who comes in daily with his eyes squinted and head rared back moaning "Oohn Gawwwwwww Ms Educaaa, pleeeeeaaaazzzzze gi us a freeday we work to hawwwwwwww!!!!"

The child, by the way, gets no free day. How can I give him one when he can hardly speak?

But perhaps the Representative speaks of that one lady we wish would retire. Perhaps there is one of her in every school and it is she who represents us. I really wish I could remember. If I did, I might rattle off a quick email reminding him that if he chooses for the tired and incompetant to represent all teachers, I might have Mark Foley represent him when I speak of politicians.

Eigh, it seems I support low standards of memory.

This Just In...

Principal Hates Underachievers, Overachievers

The Onion

Principal Hates Underachievers, Overachievers

ST. CLOUD, MN-Charles Van Hise is sick of devoting all his attention to “problem students” who require special disciplinary or scholastic attention.

I Like My Celebrities Distant

I don't know if it's a phase of my life or a function of my mood, but for the I've spent much of the last month or so hearing entertainment news and wondering why the public needs to know such things.

I don't want to see Alec Baldwin at his most deplorable. I want to watch him on TV and laugh. I don't want to see David Hasselhoff eat Wendy's off the floor while drunk, I want to make fun of his career. I don't want to see Anna Nicole's last moments re-enacted and if I never heard from Paris Hilton again, my life will still be full and happy. I want happy entertainment news, not the underbelly.

That's why Jeff Ruby might be my new hero. Go and nod in recognition.