Quote for the Day.

Karen is a wonderful woman of God that I have come to know and love on a deep level. She has walked through the past several months with me, held me as I cried, and helped me search for the meaning of life in the midst of it all. She has been a jewel...worth more to me than I can ever express to anyone on this planet. Everyday she sends out an encouraging email to those of us on her email list, and the quote for today brought tears to my eyes, and I want to share it with you all.

"Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams."

Enough said.


Time Out...

In so many ways I'm wrestling with God right now. I know, I know, wrestling is a losing battle with God, but I'm human and God knows my heart and it's all good. I got some news today that lifted my spirits tremendously, so that is a good thing. I did want to share my frustration of the day. I know, this blog is to lift us up, which is why I haven't blogged for a spell but this story is one that I think all teachers can relate to on some level.

Renaldo was in fine form today. I am now changing his name to Motormouth. I honestly think he's hitting puberty because his immaturity level is increasing, not decreasing. He's rubbing me the wrong way, and it is taking all I have in me not to holler at him. I work SO HARD these days to keep my tongue and heart in the right place.

So today in math we were doing our warm up problems before we entered in the new stuff for today, and he would not be quiet. I wanted to yell "Shut Up" but I knew that wouldn't be very professional. I asked him to be quiet twice and here's what followed:

Me:Motormouth go get a drink of water.
MM: What? I'm not even thirsty.
Me: I don't care, just go for a walk.
MM: Why?
Me: Because you won't be quiet for 30 seconds and I REALLY need a break from you.
MM: Why?
Me: Because at this point I am frustrated because you won't be quiet and if you don't step out I will say something I regret later.
MM: So I can get a drink while I'm at the water fountain?
***blank stare shot at MM at that moment.
MM: I'll get a really long drink.
Me: Good idea.

He came back in and was better. I really really needed a time out from him. He entered the classroom just in time for us to be grading the warm up so he didn't miss much. He was only gone for about 3 minutes, but it was just enough. Of course, at about 30 seconds into it, one of the other students said, "He's still gone." To which I replied, "I know. He's fine, I just need silence and you're not helping."

It's amazing how after that I had about 3 minutes of silence.
Just enough.
Praise God.

A moment before work....

This morning I was running ahead of time to leave for work, (For the first time in a LONG time) and the little white furball came bouncing into my room. I stopped and played with her a bit, as I knew my roommies were getting ready to leave, and I'm not supposed to play with her when they are home. So, after they left, I took about 5 minutes and just played with her. I ran around chasing her, laughing with her, and loving her.

It was the highlight of my day.

I'm such a rebel!



YO! Roxie here! Once again I have taken Shortone's computer to tell you about my latest adventures. I have put a pic of me and Rudy on here so you can see what I look like! (I can't believe Shortone hasn't done that yet!) I am the white one, and Rudy is the grey one. Don't I look cute? Oh, so onto my adventures! I found an escape out of the bankyard last night! It was a great escape for me! And the best part was it took quite a while until the people figured out I was gone! There was a hole in the fence that I was able to fit through and I went out looking for rabbits! Apparently Mom and Dad went out looking for me while Shortone stayed here and waited for me to return. I ran into the street and Shortone saw me and opened the door and I ran to her and into the house! She was so excited to see me! Of course, when Mom and Dad got home, they were a bit upset, but I can't understand why, I mean I got to see rabbits and explore without that uncomfortable leash on me! I WAS FREE! Of course, I knew I had to return because I hadn't even eaten dinner yet and Dad always makes a great dinner for us!

The only problem was that when they let me out after that they put the leash back on me. It's like they don't trust me or something! Sheesh, I have newfound freedom and then I couldn't run free! What were they thinking? Seriously...

So this morning it happened again! I was FREE! Shortone took me out into the backyard this morning, and watched me. And I made a straight shot for the hole in the fence, and I escaped! I had hoped Rudy would follow but Shortone hollered for him and he went back! I ran out of the fence and went looking for rabbits again. I didn't find any and I headed back to the house really quickly because I knew Mom and Dad might be upset again. I ran straight up to the house and Shortone was watching for me and she let me in the house! I tell ya, two escapes in two days! It was great!

I guess Shortone saw my hiding hole in the fence, because later on in the day when I went out into the backyard it was blocked! I tell ya, I couldn't get through. I ran straight for it, but it was blocked! Seriously, there are rabbits to be caught, what are they thinking by blocking my escape route? Seriously...

So, that's my adventure. For a brief couple times I had found freedom. But, now I can't run free anymore.

I think it's that's okay though. I have a pretty good family here who seem to like me. Mom and Dad keep saying I landed in Puppy Heaven, whatever that means! And, Shortone is here and when she's here I get to play with her a lot, and I am just now starting to cuddle with her, and she seems to like that. So, life is good.

Of course, when I go out on walks, I keep my eye out for rabbits. Afterall, you never know when I make catch one!

Later, ya'll!


I am tired tonight. This week has been fine. I had some ups, and some downs, but that's really a typical week in the life of a teacher. I am glad we have a three-day weekend. I will have to get some work done due to the fact I'm doing some alternative state testing with my students, but I'm okay with that. Three days without kids....I need the break.


12 years ago today...

Today is a rather special day for me, as February 7, 1997 I became a Christian. I always try to spend February 7th doing something special. Well, last year that didn't happen because I had a Colonoscopy! Well, today was definately special for me. I got to spend the afternoon in the prayer room, and then Laura and I hung out.

I have come to really appreciate good friends over the past several months, and I couldn't have chosen a better friend to run this race with than Laura. And, I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the day.

As I sat in the Prayer Room today, I reflected on my 12 years with the Lord, and how far I've come in those twelve years. I thought about the mistakes I've made, but focused on what I've gained in those twelve years. And, I was amazed at what all I've learned over the years. I also thought about how twelve years went by so fast. It seems as if it was only yesterday that I sat in my dorm room and gave my heart to Christ, and here I am 12 years later and wonder where all that time went.

I am so thankful that God introduced me to the House of Prayer in Kansas City. I don't think I would be as close to the Lord if I didn't have a place to go and just soak. I realize that for most of my readers this won't make a lick of sense, and I'm okay with that. Everyone has a place they connect with God and mine just happens to be at IHOP-KC.

So, today was a very very very good day.

Guess where I'm headed tomorrow? You'll never guess!



I am headed to be with the two coolest pups on the planet this weekend. Well, and to be with the family too! Hehehe

And of course, that means IHOP!

I can't wait!



I am headed to be with the two coolest pups on the planet this weekend. Well, and to be with the family too! Hehehe

And of course, that means IHOP!

I can't wait!


Highlights of my day

I just spent a ridiculously amount of time on facebook doing a silly "25 Things" post. I'm not going to spend so much time on this post. While I'm lacking motivation to get schoolwork done, I'm not needing another thing to keep me from school stuff. So I have decided to do an easy post today.

The highlights of my day today:

1. Playing congas at church. I REALLY had fun this morning. When Mr. Worshipleaderguy told me I did well today it made me feel good. He never says that. Not that I need to hear it, I know I carry myself okay up on stage. However, it made me feel good to hear it anyway.

2. Reading my brother's note on Facebook. He also completed the 25 things post, and in it he stated that I'm still his hero. That will have me smiling for days...weeks maybe...

3. Teaching Sunday School. I actually taught a lesson using Sour Patch Kids as part of my lesson. Needless to say, the kids loved it. While it was a good lesson, I won't be doing that again. 26 grams of sugar in a serving of those things...I was dealing with HYPER children by the end of class. It was fun though!

4. Doing lunch with Janet. There are times we just need someone to talk to, and Janet was great today.

5. I am supposedly doing something with Laura here in a bit instead of watching the Super Bowl. I hope we do, Laura and I have a wonderful friendship that I thank God for everyday.

6. I am listening to the IHOP Webstream from yesterday. I finally figured out how to save from one day to the next. That is a REAL highlight for me.

Okay, I need to logoff and be a bit productive before I meet Laura.