It's 10pm.
I wonder where today went.
I woke up.
Let the dog out.
Got ready for work.
Let the dog out.
Bribed the dog into his cage with a treat.
Went to work and taught little people.
Gave about 10 DRA's.
Tutored MizzouKid.
Went to Wal-Mart and discovered the puzzle section. (SWEET!)
Anyone care to donate an easy puzzle (100 pieces) to the Learning Center?
(Send $4 to Shortone and she'll even buy them!)
I walked out of Wal-Mart with 2 puzzles, as well as $40 of other stuff.
(I wonder when my computers will arrive for my classroom! Seriously!)
I would have bought more puzzles, but restrained myself.
Came home.
Let the dog out.
Unloaded the car.
Took the dog for a walk.
Came home.
Put groceries away.
Sorted laundry.
Put laundry in dryer.
Fixed dinner.
Ate dinner.
Took meds.
Watched NCIS.
Prepared for meetings that I'll have tomorrow.
Played with the dog.
Swapped out laundry.
Checked email.
Blogging now.
Will swap out laundry again.
Let the dog out again.
Put dishes in dishwasher.
Brush my teeth.
Put dog in box.

So, where did the day go?


'nite all!

Prayers at School

I realize prayer is banned at school, but I will admit, I silently lift up prayers all day long. Today I spent a lot of time in prayer.

I had a good day with the kids. I only had two in the Safe Seat. Okay, well, it could have been MUCH better, but we all survived. LIfe goes on.

My stress came from a parent situation and a co-worker. I am really trying to figure things out here, and find myself frustrated a lot, so I stop and pray. Obviously not a head-bowed sort of deal, but a "God, please shoe me what to do here, I'm at a loss." Today He guided me. And while not all of the situation is over, as I have a meeting Wednesday to figure more things out, it was nice to know He was listening today.

So, it was cool.


My favorite thing...

...is knowing that I'm in a time and place that God has specifically set up for me to be a part of someone else's life and to pray for that person. That happened tonight.

While I drove the shuttle tonight, I met a man from New Zealand (Yeah, really!) and another man from New York. I asked both how they had even heard of IHOP-KC and they shared that they had each heard about it from a friend. Wow. I thought I took a step of faith moving here from 2 hours away. Seriously...

The highlight of my night was at the very end when I picked up my last load. I had a young man sit up front by me and from the beginning I could tell something was off for this guy. As he sat down I said, "Hi. Are you okay?" He paused and said "Yeah..I'm just...wrestling..."

Boy do I know that feeling!

I waited as everyone boarded and silently prayed. I could tell he needed to be ministered to but I didn't know the man at all. So, as we started out, he shared that he had been on my shuttle before. I looked at him, and at first it didn't click. I drive approximately 300 people per night on the shuttle, so I recognize faces but not always their names. Then he stated that he was on it last week when my shuttle was having difficulties, then it clicked! I was SO thankful. Only problem was, I didn't remember if he had opened up to me or not. Sometimes people talk your ear off, and other times people just want to sit and listen to music. Therefore, I couldn't remember what had been said the last time he had been on my shuttle. So, being the talker that I am, I started sharing my testimony on how I got to KC. I figured if I talked about me, the guy wouldn't feel he had to open up to me. I still hadn't heard from God, so I didn't know what else to do.

As I pulled into the Base, he said something, and I honestly didn't hear him because I had a FULL shuttle and the interns were a bit noisy. So I simply said, "Well, I don't think God wastes time. You are where you are because God put you here." I said it as I put the shuttle in park and opened the door for the passengers to leave.

He turned to me and tears started to fall. So I said, "Can I pray for you?"

He said yes.

And in the moments that followed, he wept before the Lord and I prayed for him. And, God gave me a word for him, which made him sob even more. I just kept praying. I eventually told the shuttle driver behind me, via the radio, to go around me because God was doing something and He wasn't done. I stayed and prayed.

In the end, he thanked me and got out of the shuttle.

I said, "I'll be praying for you this week."

And he smiled.

I LOVE IT when God uses me like that!

If you've ever experienced that, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!



Walkin' and Wavin'!

I have started a new experiment this past week and have really enjoyed it. Everyday when Jay and I are walking on the sidewalk on the way to the lake, I smile and wave at the cars passing by. While I had done this occasionally in the past, I have spent the past week INTENTIONALLY waving and smiling at people. While I'm sure some people have viewed it as weird, I have noticed that just about everyone smiles and waves back. I have also noticed that some of my "regulars" wave first! That really makes me smile!

Kinda cool, huh?


BIST Training

I will admit, I awoke today and thought, "Crud, I have BIST Training tonight!"

While it sounded great 6 weeks ago when I signed up, the last thing I really wanted to do tonight was listen to a presenter for four hours. I have had quite a week, and the couch sounded more enjoyable. Of course, the district paid big bucks for me to be there, so I had to go.

I got there at 5 and chose a seat. I had a Pepsi in hand, and braced myself for the evening. Two other teachers from my building joined me, and we were all saying, "I hope this ends early tonight."

Yes, my mood was low. I was tired, and there was a puppy at home I would rather hang out with.

However once the presenter started talking, told us we'd be out at 8, and was making us laugh, my mood changed.

I learned a great deal tonight during the training. I really did. It will help me in my job which for me is the ultimate test for a workshop.

Oh, and I wish I had paid more attention and I could tell you what BIST stands for, but I can't. Hey, it was a friday evening, give me a break! :-) It's basically a model for dealing with behavior in the classroom. It's really good stuff.

So, I have to be there at 8:30 in the morning and since it's up North, I am going to crash for the night.

'nite all!


In the Span of this week...

1. I have learned that one of my students wants out of my program. We meet next week.

2. I learned that another student's parent is going to jail for 3 years. No wonder the kid has been a handful.

3. I learned that another student has been completely overwhelmed by his work but didn't tell me until today.

4. I have learned that I still need to figure out some of my co-workers at work.

5. I learned that having an aide can prove to be like having another student.

6. I have learned that my stress level is lower when I walk Jay longer than usual.

7. I learned that I should just stay away from the pet store so I don't spend so much money on the pup!

8. I stood up for a kid that my boss didn't want to test. I am treading lightly, but doing what is best for the student.

9. I am tired of kids doing what is wrong and me having to ALWAYS get onto them. I wish they would CHOOSE to do what's right the first time.

10. I have gotten to sleep until 7 everyday this week! Woop!

11. I have gotten to enjoy the sunset a couple times this week. Beautiful stuff. Especially on a lake.

12. I walked into a classroom yesterday as Mr. Z. was "talking" to his class as Mr. C. often did to his class, and I felt a litttle bit at home.

13. I had a student steal in the cafeteria and hide that fact from me. Hum...

14. I have connected with God on some deep levels, and am ready to crash now.


Once Upon a Time...

in a far away land, there was a girl who dreamed of falling in love with a boy.

At the age of 6, she decided that her husband would not be the boy who made the teacher mad. That wasn't being very nice.

At age 11, she decided it wouldn't be the boy who made fun of her walk. Retard was the worst word ever invented, in her opinion. That also wasn't very nice.

At age 16, she decided it would not be the guy who just made inappropriate comments around her. That wasn't nice either.

At age 21, she decided it wouldn't be the boy she didn't have squat in common with, but still managed to spend a lot of with him. That would be settling.

She decided she wanted more in life.

At age 22, she had a crush on a boy the same age as her. He was the most popular boy in the dorms, and they had a lot in common. However, the more she got to know the boy, the more she realized he was a BOY and viewed life differently than she did. The remained friends, but he wasn't her prince charming.

At age 24, she met Jesus in her dorm room. She said a prayer and realized life had more meaning than what she thought.

So she watched.

She watched some incredible people around her walk out their walks with amazing strength.

One boy waited a year and a half to tell the girl of his dreams that she was the one because He waited on God to say "Go".

Another girl prayed specifically for her spouse, and wrote everything down. She got every one of those prayers met, and then some.

Another girl waited and waited and is now dating the guy of her dreams.

However, the girl still wondered when her time would come.

She was happy for everyone around her, but wondered when her dream was going to come true.

The guy who would come along and sweep her off her feet.

The guy who would pray with her, hold her hand, and seek God with her.

Then someone came along. Someone who was everything she dreamed of, and made her happy in ways she didn't understand. She thought her dreams had come true. And then reality hit, and she was left to wonder why God gave that to her if she wasn't to have it.

Then God spoke to her.

And told her to wait, and that happy endings really do happen.

And although it wasn't the way she wanted it today.

It's worth the wait.

So, the little gal sat with her pup on the couch and prayed to God.

And now believes that dreams really do come true.

But sometimes you have to wait for it to happen.

And it's okay to dream along the way.

So she decided that one day people would talk about her the way she speaks of others.

And she would be faithful in her walk with the Lord.

And even in the waiting...

She would be happy and content and dream....

...for happily ever after...

Help Has Arrived!

I now have an aide!


Playing Catch in the Rain!

I don't have anything deep to share tonight.

Just a highlight of my day.

I came home and bailed on G-Man and his family. They had invited me to the Royals game, and I bailed due to rain. The idea of sitting out in the rain was a bit much for me. They were cool with it, and understood completely. I just checked the game a while ago and it's raining there. I'm glad I'm on the couch!

So, while G-Man was waiting on his parents to go to the game, and I was letting Jay out to do his business, G-Man tossed me a football. It's been years since I've played catch, but we proceeded to play catch in the rain and it was a lot of fun. I hope we do that again.

It has made me think about how we sang about the rain coming the other night, and we're to have childlike faith.

Hum, seems to me I experienced both tonight. Well, sort of.



...let your memories be bigger than your dreams. -Karen

I have spent a lot of time this weekend driving the shuttle, and had a FANTASTIC time. It was the ten-year anniversary mark for IHOP-KC, and it was a weekend I will never forget. In it, I received some thoughts I want to share.

We received some new shuttles this month, and they are really nice. At first it was hard for me because there are not any rear windows in it. I do have some really good mirrors on the left and right windows, so I can still see very well out the sides and the back of the shuttle. And, after some time of getting used to it, I don't notice it as much anymore.

So I have given some thought to that. I mean, I get in my own car and rely heavily on my rearview mirrors. Then God showed me something. While it isn't massively deep, it was cool to me.

I have thought about life and how often people stay stuck in the past. There have been many things in my life that I would go back and change if I could. However, I can't. And each of those experiences has brought me closer to God and created me to be the person I am today. I have come to believe that God doesn't waste time, He uses each experience for something later on in life. I truly believe that.

God doesn't want me (or anyone) stuck in the past. He wants us looking forward. We may look to our right and left to see where we should go, but not to the back. And we're not to let memories get in the way of our dreams. God wants us to dream. And not only to dream, but to DREAM BIG. It would be tempting to be stuck in the past and not to dream. However, I believe that life is too short for that...

As my friend Karen said once, "Never let memories be bigger than your dreams."



Tonight at Service...


Quote for the Day

I was sitting in my afternoon group, working with the kids who didn't get "Fun Friday" because their work wasn't done and MizzouKid turned to me and said, "You really are a mean, rotten, horrible teacher." To which I smiled and said, "Yeah, I know."

And we both grinned.

I have the best job on the planet!


There is a Reason Why I Teach...

Today I sat in a meeting for most of the day. I will admit that it was well worth my time, as our district is going to the Goal Tracker Web-Based program for Special Education Staff, and I will use every minute of what I was taught this morning.

I noticed something though...


I couldn't sit still to save my life!

We had rocker chairs that I moved, shook, and kicked my feet under.

I'm sure I annoyed the people behind me, but no one said anything.

I noticed this afternoon that many more chairs were making that squeaking noise as well, which made me feel a bit better.

However, I am excited to be back in the classroom tomorrow.

At least there I fit right in with my ADHD crew!



To my tall friends down south, TWICE this week I HAVE BEEN called "Kiddo" and thought of you! (You know who you are!)

Connecting with the Little People!

Today was a noteworthy sort of day.

First of all, I am tackling DRA2 and am enjoying it. I thought, after everything I had heard last year, that it would be AWFUL. It's really been good for me as I am now TRULY getting a picture of where these little people are in reading. It is also giving me one-on-one time with each of my students, which I haven't had yet. It has been very insightful.

Prior to doing the DRA2, I did a whole group lesson where I set up my expectations for the one-on-one conferencing. My fourth grade students were upset that I would expect them to work while I did the DRA2. They wanted to do puzzles or games instead. I explained to them that that wasn't what I wanted. MizzouFan turned to me and said, "But why do we have to work?" And, I did my standard, "It's because I'm a mean, rotten, horrible teacher." Usually kids say "No you're not." MizzouKid said, "Yes, you are." And grinned WIDE! I smiled back. And a connection was made.

Later on, we did his DRA2, and we were the only people in the room. He made another comment that I can't remember at the moment and I smiled at him and said, "You are one of my favorite people." He paused and said, "You can name your dog after me too. My (real) name starts with J. too!"

I smiled.

And said, "Yeah, I like that!"

I tell ya, my job rocks!


Library Books and 6th Grade Logic...AGAIN...

First off, I wanted to share my thoughts on my new school library. I hope to get some pics up soon, but I LOVE my new library. I have always liked to read, and this new library has encouraged my love of books even more. It is such an inviting place to go and look at the BRAND NEW books. I go in once a week just to see what new books they have gotten in! I love it! I have already read one book from the school library and I have two more to read! It is so exciting! I will post pics soon!

In pondering my new school library, I have also been pondering my new class webpage. I'm having to make a webpage for my classroom this year, as it's a requirement since I'm a newbie to the district. So, I am taking ideas for names of the site. The kids are each going to pick their own nicknames and write book recommendations on the site. (Nicknames because of confidentiality rules.) So, please send in your ideas. The kids will get to pick the name of it before it's up, but I would like to have some ideas before I pitch all this to them. So, please, send in your ideas. I need all the help I can get! (Leave it alone Ms. H.!)

I also have another 6th grade logic story to share.

I was sitting in my class today, working with a small group, and two of my 6th grade girls wanted math pages to do. One of them isn't in my program for math, but she had all her reading done so I said, "Sure."

I was working with the other kids when ArtistGal turned to me and said, "Can I use a calculator?"

I looked at her and said, "No, you cannot. It's one digit multiplication, it should be a piece of cake."

She looked at me, then at CheaterGal and said, "Well, she could use one."

I just looked at CheaterGal.


It was Multiplying single digits!

I proceeded with the usual teacher speech and went on to teaching the other kids. I told her teacher later on in the day and we both noted that she can't do basic facts. She isn't mine for math, but it was a noteworthy tidbit.

At the end of the day I saw her walking to lost and found. The following conversation occurred:

Me: So, really, CheaterGal, a calculator? What was up with that?
CG: Well, you didn't say I could use it!
Me: Really?
CG: Well, you didn't!
Me: So, by that logic, I didn't say you COULD either!
CG: True, but you didn't say I couldn't either!
Me: Go to lost and found before I grow another gray hair.
CG: Giggle


Even when kids give me another gray hair! :-)

A Conversation and a Word of Thanks!

I want to take a moment and say "Thanks" for all the words of encouragement regarding my post last night about my nightmares. While they all came on Facebook, it definitely blessed me. Thanks. I will keep you posted.

I also wanted to share an "AWWWW" moment with you.

I was sitting in my room working at my desk when Bosslady came in and sat down. She started by asking how big my largest group was in class. I had to do some calculations, and told her. She paused and said our higher ups are worried about me trying to do too much on my own. The higher ups can tell I'm not a whiner and will work my tail off to do my job. While it was my first "tough" chat with Bosslady, it was productive and good. In theory I should have an aide by Wednesday. And while I'm guarded, and will believe it when I see it, I am glad.

I wasn't complaining at work.

I was praying.

And He was listening.

And whether the aide comes to me this week or next, I will be getting one.



Prayer Request

So, I have debated all evening about doing this as a post, but feel I need some prayer support. Not having built a friendship base here yet, I imagine my readers that believe in the power of prayer can support me, no matter where they live geographically. It's not life or death or anything like that, but it is affecting me.

I am struggling with nightmares. While this has been true off an on since I moved on from the last chapter of my life, I find the nightmares are increasing and it's affecting my amount of restful sleep each night. Not to mention the fact that my second favorite hobby is sleep, and now I'm dreading sleep.

So, while it's minor in comparison to what MANY others are walking in, it matters to me.

And, I know my readers care about me.

So, if you could keep me in prayer, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. I will keep everyone posted on how it's going.

Ya know, even with nightmares...


Talking in Code

Yesterday morning I was in my classroom when Bosslady came in to talk to me about something and I wound up sharing my concerns about a different student altogether. Due to the high confidentiality rules, we started talking in code so that little ears wouldn't know who we were discussing. I had a second grade boy and a first grade boy in the room at the time, and Bosslady sat down so we could talk. The dialogue was what followed.

Me: We need to talk about the student we talked about on Friday.
Bosslady: You need to refresh my memory.
Me: The one that I feel we need to push up the testing date so I can give her more services.
Bosslady: Give me some initials.
Me: A.B.
Bosslady: A.B.? I'm lost.
Me: She's in fourth grade.
Bosslady: Was she due up this year?
Me: Yeah.
Secondgradeboy: It's Addie.

So much for speaking in code.
He got it.

And we laughed and changed the subject real fast.


Especially when kids catch on fast! :-)


If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that each of my students is nicknamed for the sake of the innocent...or guilty, whichever the case may be on here. And today I want to share about AttitudeKid.

It started this morning when we were walking to my room. I had been running various errands around the building, and was headed back to my room when the kids caught up with me. AttitudeKid passed me very quickly and was headed to my room. My rule is that NO STUDENTS ENTER THE ROOM WITHOUT ME PRESENT. I told AttitudeKid to wait outside my room until I got there. When I turned the corner, she was already in the room with the Kooshball that they all fight over everyday. I entered, took the Koosh, and had her sit. I started checking homework notebooks and she looked at me and said, "I didn't have my homework signed." I looked at her. She had that little attitude in her voice that runs all over me. I prayed quickly in my head and tamed my tongue.

She sat and watched as the other students received their stickers for bringing everything back. (Yes, stickers still work with 5th graders!) I also had her name added to the "not brought back list." I do this so that at conferences when the parents say, "My kid always brings her work back," I always have documentation.

She acted as if she didn't care. After today's assignment was given and I started conferencing, she started picking on CoolKid. So, I told her to move. She moved over by Silentboy, and I told her to move to the empty cubicle. I went back to conferencing with my student and she walked over with her notebook in about 5 minutes and said, "I'm done." I looked at her, looked at her work, and said, "You still owe me half a page." She frowned and went back to her seat. After a little while later, she came back with the page full, but had gone to writing in HUGE all capital letter writing to fill up the last quarter of the page. I looked at her. She did the "stare down" with me. I won. I looked at her and calmly said, "You still own me a quarter of a page. You're being a slacker and I won't take that work. Try again." I handed it to her, and turned back to the student I had been helping. She was pissed, as she let out a sigh and went back to her cubicle.

At the end of the hour, she brought it to me, and it was twice as long as it needed to be. I was fine with that, and she left. I prayed that would be the end of the attitude. I was wrong.

She came back later in the morning for spelling work, and grabbed Koosh again. I took it from her and locked it in my desk. That made her mad again, and I said, "If you could handle it without fighting the other kids, or could simply hold it, that would be one thing. But, you haven't shown me that you can do that." She was not happy with me. I had her sit at the table with us so I could check her work. All hour she played the "But I did it right" game, where she would give me her work, and I would hand the work back to her and say, "Fix the ones I circled." Then she would huff, say something under her breath, and get back to work. By the end of the hour, I was wiped. If I had felt her frustration was due to the work being too hard that would have been one thing. However, that wasn't the case. She was simply in a mood and wanted me to be the recipient of that mood. It built my character.

I went in later today and talked to her teacher, and we both have noticed a dramatic change. I plan on praying a lot for her this weekend. I want that attitude gone on Monday.

I think it will help that I emailed her Mother too.

Gotta love technology!


Tired and Admitting Defeat

I had a pretty decent day at work. Popkid had better behavior, so that was good. I was a bit perplexed that AutisticKid didn't have his homework done today, but perhaps it was a one-night-slip-up. We will see tomorrow if that was the case. I pray it was a one-day thing. Otherwise, we're going to be in serious trouble academically....and it's going to feel like a LONG year.

I find myself tired tonight. Of course, Jay and I went on our LONGEST walk ever, and we're both sort of sluggish. The walk was GREAT though. We went and walked around the lake. It was PRETTY. We had a good time. He sniffed every inch of that place! It was GREAT!

I planned on working on an IEP tonight but am having some computer issues tonight. For whatever reason, I can't access the webpage I need to get the work done. I am a pretty computer literate person, but I can't figure this out. The meeting isn't until Monday but I wanted to have my boss preview it tomorrow. So, I have decided to admit defeat.

I am going to curl up on the couch with Jay, watch an episode of NCIS, take Jay out, get ready for bed, read my new book until 10, and get up early to go get it done before school.

I must admit, sometimes it's okay to admit defeat. And relax a bit.

At least that's what I'm telling myself tonight.

So until later...


6th Grade Logic...

Today I had my first true challenge with a student. Popkid came in today in a decent mood. I was in a good mood too, as I was glad to be back at school today.

So we were sitting in our first group and out of nowhere, Popkid asks if Cell Phones are allowed at school. I told him it was ridiculous to have a phone at school, as we have phones in the office that he can call home with, so no, they're not allowed. He asked if he could have it in his backpack. I told him that if it didn't disturb class, then I guess so. I told him it would be best though if he just left it at home. He followed by saying it was at home, and it was turned off at home. I said, "Great." Then I turned to take care of another student. A little while later, my next group came in and Popkid had a boy look under the table because he wanted to show him something. Yep, you guessed it, it was a cell phone. I was pretty surprised. I didn't take this kid to be one to lie to me. I told him to put it up and get to work. I told him we would talk later. (Using Mr. C.'s "Don't worry about it" method of surprise)

I waited until the end of the day and pulled him in the hall to talk to him. He knew why I was pulling him in the hall, and admitted to lying to a teacher last year. I just looked at him and said a silent prayer. He's lied once to an adult and now he lied to me, and had no fear of doing it. I just looked at him and gave him my little speech on being lied to and how much I HATE THAT. I didn't really care about the cell phone part of it, it was the fact the little guy lied to me. I told him that part had injured my trust in him and that he would have to earn it back. Then I walked away.

After school I spoke with his teacher about it who told me that he had already been caught with the phone and had been told that if it was found again it would be taken away from him. He also informed me that district policy is to take it to the office and the parents have to come get it. (I winced at that, if I had known that I would have done that. My previous district wasn't like that.) So, I see his teacher having another talk with him and I will do the same.

I tell ya, I hate it when they lie. Period.

I'll keep ya posted.


Even when 6th grade logic frustrates me!


Today was another mixed sort of day.

I went to a funeral for a kid. It wasn't my first one for a kid, and probably won't be my last one. Afterward, I went to my previous school and people were asking me, "How was the funeral?" For some reason, this question struck me as an odd one. What was I supposed to say?

"It was a lot of fun." No, can't say it was fun.

"It was awful." Well, burying a kid isn't supposed to be great, if you know what I mean.

It was a funeral.

I will say, it was respectful. They did a good job of showing respect to the family and friends.

It was also great in that I heard the girl laugh one last time. She couldn't talk, but she could laugh. That is what is important, in my book.

Every time I sit in a funeral, I think, "I hope they have a party when I go on to Heaven. Funerals are too sad in my book." That was true again today.

After that, I went to my old school and saw my friends.

I will say, I am glad I'm here. Sometimes going back is a reminder that seasons are supposed to change.

Don't get me wrong, I will miss my friends...especially my TALL friends. They know who they are...

But, I realized something on my drive here.

I'm home.


Labor Day

I have thoroughly enjoyed Labor Day. I will say I did take care of needed chores around the house, but also enjoyed several episodes of the NCIS Marathon. Not a bad day in my book.

Jay and I took a LONG walk tonight, as he's going to be in the box all day tomorrow as I'm headed South for a funeral. We sat by the lake and watched the sun go down. It was beautiful.

I really, really wish I was headed South under different circumstances but I know we're to celebrate the little girl's life, not mourn it. She was a non-verbal girl, but always had a smile on her face...we can learn a lot from that gal. We really can...

I need to crash as I need to leave here EARLY in the morning. And as always...


Friendships and a Nickname

This weekend has been great. I had Semiadoptedkid's family here yesterday, and we found the T-Rex Cafe. It was a lot of fun. It had good food and a great time in fellowship. It was priceless in my book!

Laura arrived around 9pm last night, and we went to IHOPKC. It was a lot of fun. It is such a joy to have a friend who enjoys the prayer room as much as I do. We left there about 11:30 and were up until 2am talking. I love Laura, she is so deep in God that we have a lot in common. I am blessed to have her in my life. Seriously.

Today we did FCF, which was fun. Then we came back here and visited before I went back to drive the shuttle tonight. I tell ya what, the Shuttle is FUN. Tonight when I first got there, we were locked out of the office, and I met "Slim." On the shuttles, almost everyone has a nickname. I tried one a few weeks back, but it just wasn't me...I wasn't feeling it. And honestly, it was a name that I kind of gave myself, so it just didn't feel right. So tonight when I met Slim, he said, "You need a nickname." I just looked at him. I had never met the guy in my life, and he felt I needed a nickname so I could be a part of the fun side of the Shuttle Driving experience. He said, "Can I suggest a name?" and I said, "sure." And he looked at me...really looked at me...and said, "Pleasant. You seem very pleasant and you want to please the Lord." I smiled and said, "Yeah, I Like it!" It stuck. Tonight was fun driving with Slim and The Rose. At one point the gal named "The Rose" told me that Slim had given her her nickname as well. That made me smile. Slowly but surely I'm making friends here. I like that!

After driving the shuttle, Laura met me outside the Prayer Room and we came back here and just visited. I have missed that. I have missed just sitting with a close friend and talking about God, and what God has been showing us. I have just missed having someone who says, "So what is God showing you these days?" So, tonight was a blessing from God. We both shared our hearts...which has been PRICELESS in my book.

Now it's time to go participate in one of my favorite hobbies...SLEEP!

So until tomorrow...


Answered Prayer

I had a massive prayer answered today. As it turns out, one of the Lifeskills kids is moving, so I get access to an aide! Yes, I FINALLY get help to service these kids! I am SO EXCITED! I met her today and really like her. :-) That alone made my day...

Then, Laura called tonight, and she's headed my way tomorrow! Woop! I was just telling God today that I missed having my strong Christian friends around me, and this weekend Laura is coming! I. Am. Pumped!!!

In addition to Laura coming, one of the families from my old school is coming for the day tomorrow. We're hitting the T-Rex Cafe to celebrate Semiadoptedkid's Birthday!


Death and Encouragement in the Same Day

I tell ya what, today was one of those mixed bag sort of days. Not bad. Not great. Just mixed. I'll share the two stories that made highs and lows for the day.

The low was hearing that one of the kids in my previous school passed away last night. If memory serves right, she was one of a set of triplets. I can only imagine what that family is walking in. I have said several prayers for that family tonight. While I'm glad the child is in heaven, no longer bound to a wheelchair, I am sad that we don't get to enjoy her here on Earth anymore. The good news is that they are rejoicing with her in Heaven. That. Rocks. If the memorial service is public, I plan on going down for it...

The high was hitting IHOP-KC tonight. I haven't really hit the prayer room much since school has started, and I had signed up via email for the Prophecy Rooms tonight. I won't get into too much detail, as I don't care to wig-out my readers, but I will say that I received some encouragement tonight in a way I haven't heard in a really long time. It's an amazing experience when God can use someone who doesn't know you at all and speak things that only He knows. I sit here and am in awe of how He can care about my life as He holds the universe in the palm of His hand. I also sit here tonight and know that I know that I know that I'm where I'm supposed to be. Thank You, God.


Mistakes are okay...

At my previous school, a phrase you would often hear throughout the building is "Mistakes are okay...as long as you learn from them!" I was ready to do a nice, long blog post and update everyone on what's up. Fortunately, I tried to do my "homework" tonight before goofing around on here, and discovered that the website I need to access my IEP stuff is at my school. Therefore, I am going to crash so I can go to school super-early in the morning and do my prep for my IEP at 3.

So, until later, remember...


Calling it a day...

I've decided that I want to keep this blog positive, so I am going to bed and plan on waking up to a WHOLE NEW day.