Drivin' His Kids Around...

Driving the shuttle tonight was A LOT of fun. My favorite thing about driving tonight was that people kept getting on the shuttle and calling me by name. I know, to those of you in your comfort zone, this will seem like nothing. However, for this short little gal who is missing her friends in Joplin, tonight was JUST what I needed. Now, don't ask me everyone's name, because I can't...there are SO MANY of them and just one of me. *grin*

The other cool thing is that we have a new group of interns and students here. So, there are MANY new people for me to meet this Semester! I LOVE IT!!!

And now it's time to go back to work tomorrow. After five days off, I am ready to go back. Afterall, the Summer is shorter the more we're out now. So, I'm ready!

Fun...drivin' the shuttle!