For the First Time in About 20 years....

...I put on a pair of roller skates!

Now, the actual task was to encourage one of my students to skate around the gym because the P.E. teacher came to me a couple weeks ago and said that he was not willing to go off the carpeted area in the gym and wondered if I was willing to help him. I remember chuckling and saying, "Sure, I'll hold his hand, but I never did master the art of roller skating."

So about a week ago, we went in and I worked with the student on his skating. Sure enough, he preferred the carpet, and had to be talked into going around the gym on the regular floor. RockStarPara and I assisted him around the gym and the kid said he was "good." I just smiled and let him stop.

So last Friday we went in to the gym and RollerSkateBoy asked me to skate. It really mattered to him that I put on skates and skate with him. RockStarPara looked at me when I said yes and said, "Okay, we need a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads because I'm not training another teacher!" I just grinned. I barely walked on the carpet. It made RollerSkateBoy happy though!

So today was our last day to skate, and I joined the kids! I wanted to just stay on the carpet, but RollerSkateBoy wanted me off the carpet. So, I did it! I will admit, it looked rough and ugly, but I only fell once and had a lot of fun.

I found it ironic that RollerSkateBoy stayed on the carpet while I went around the gym.

When I returned to the carpet to take off my skates because our time was up, I turned to RollerSkateBoy and said, "What do you think? I did it!"

To which he replied, "Yeah, but you fell down!"

I just grinned.

Ah well....

Interesting, but FUN! *grin*