January 30, 2010

On my wall in my bedroom are some lyrics that Misty Edwards sang one year ago today. On that day, I sat at Panera Bread in Joplin and spent all afternoon working on job applications for my move here. I sat and worked, and listened to Misty sing in the Prayer Room on the live webstream. During the spontaneous song that she was singing, there came a point in the lyrics where I knew God was speaking to me. And, as Misty sang, I sat there and tears fell down my cheeks. I was in a place where I knew I needed change, and at that moment in time, change scared the begeebers out of me. I sat in Panera, with tears falling, and knew that what was being sung was what I needed to hear right then and there. I can still hear her sing the part that got me the most...

Don't give up.
Don't give in.
If you don't quit,
You'll win,
You'll win....

I'm not going to get into the battle that was raging around me, as it is done and life goes on. However, it was fun to look at those lyrics today on my wall and know that one year later, I can honestly say I won.