I prayed SO HARD last night that school would be cancelled today, but it wasn't. So, I got myself out of my nice, warm, bed and went to school. My 8am meeting was cancelled, which turned out to be a blessing as I had stuff to do before my little people arrived.

As it turned out, several were absent today. Therefore, my day felt odd...weird. I had 5 absent, which I've never had before at this school.

As usual, once the kids started coming in, I realized how much I had missed them. There were several smiles and AutisticKId came in and when I picked on him for wearing the wrong shirt, he said, "I'm wearing the right shirt!" This went on the whole class period. It was fun.

RockStarPara and I had fun picking on the kids together. I will admit, it is fun to have another adult in the room to joke with throughout the day. It was even entertaining to watch her with AutisticKid, trying to get a very hard worksheet done. At one point she turned to me and gave me a look and I started laughing and said, "I really don't think you're paid enough!" to which she just laughed. Ah, it was GREAT to be back.

I stayed at work late to get ready for a substitute tomorrow because I have two doctor's appointments tomorrow. (Regular Checkups, nothing new) I stayed until 5:30, and got everything ready. When I got home, there was a message from the school district saying we have a Snow Day tomorrow! I think the approaching Snow Storm played a major factor in the decision. SWEET!!!


While today was good, I am not about to turn down a day with Jay after my appointments!