A Letter to God....

Dear God,

Can you please explain something to me? I just don't understand something. Why is it that Your kids feel the need to stare at me when I walk? I know I have a limp, but my life is no different than theirs. I pay bills, go to work, drive a car that's a standard, live on my own, and am not mentally challenged. So, why do they have to stare? And furthermore, why can't they make eye contact with me after they look down at my leg? I know they're embarrassed to be looking, but I don't like it. I always smile, even before their eyes go down, so why can't they look back up?

And, why do people feel I need to be "healed" of my limp? Are their lives better than mine because they don't have a visible limp? My limp isn't a bad thing. I like me, just as You created me. So, why do they feel the need to make me healed? I have a gal who keeps saying to me, "you will be healed." Why? Is there something wrong with me, because I don't see any thing wrong with me. I like me, limp and all!!!

I was just wondering...

In Jesus' Name, Amen.