Ms. H's Response....

So, last night's post has brought a few comments to my Facebook "inbox", and all have encouraged me incredibly.

My favorite response was Ms. H's. Ms. H. and I have been friends for over ten years, so we've been through a lot of stuff together. I have decided to cut and paste her response, as it brought tears to my eyes when I read it. Granted, I won't have the shirt made, but the idea brought a smile to my face.

She suggested I have a shirt made with the following statement:
"Hi. My name is Shortone. I have a limp because God knew I could ROCK the challenge of having Cerebral Palsy. He knew that it would help my students know that their teacher understands what they're going through...thereby maximizing the amount of progress we make in addressing their learning disabilities. By the way, I myself do not have a learning disability. I have a Master's degree in Education and a doctorate in Loving Jesus. Now, if you would please look up, you'll see that I am smiling at you....and would really like to be your friend."

She followed with:

"Now, I know you go to church a lot....and are probably concerned about wearing the same shirt every day. Don't worry about that. We can get a better deal if we buy you could have one for every day of the week and they could all be different colors. Each one could have a different Bible verse on the back. How about it?"

Tears, in a good way.
Thanks, Ms. H.
This response has made me smile all day!