My Favorite Part of My Day....

Today was a really good day. I mean, I sit here and have pondered what to share tonight. I think I'll share the highlights, as well as my TOP pick.

I went to church. But that story will be saved until the end.

I came home and looked at the sidewalks on the drive home and decided Jay and I needed to go for a walk. I knew that this would involve a bath afterward for Jay, but we're both showing the effects of not walking daily. Granted, I was playing it safe with all the ice on the roads and no sidewalks available, but it is time to get back to waking everyday. So, we went for a walk and I was reminded what happens to the ground after snow leaves mud! By the time we got back here, I needed to change clothes and Jay needed a bath. I must admit, it was fun. And although I was pretty wet by the end of it, it was neat. I am excited that we can walk daily again, as it lowers my stress level and (the best part) wears Jay out so he isn't in my face all the time! Woop!

After that, I went to drive the shuttle. I really enjoyed it, as I am meeting SO MANY new people now that the new semester has begun and the new interns are here. I wound up doing the overflow lot again!!! SWEET! While service went longer than usual, I was okay with that. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW, so there was no rush to get home!

After that, I went to the prayer room and had fun. Of course, my favorite part was reading the book I'm sucked into at the moment. Gosh, I love to read! How people don't enjoy it, I don't get it, but this little gal is having fun not being able to put her book down!

All these events were good, but honestly FCF was my favorite part of my day. For most of you, this won't surprise you. I have been feeling like I'm in a weird spot with the Lord. I have felt it for a while now, but in the past week I've been seeking Him out in new ways, and not really connecting as I desire to do with Him.

I showed up about 5 minutes late and wound up on the front row, which isn't a big thing, but it was a good thing for me. I was able to focus on Him and not be distracted. Tim Reimherr was leading and while he isn't my favorite, he is a good worship leader. At first I had trouble entering in, and then we went into a chorus that I haven't heard in a while.

You're the reason that I live
You're the reason that I breathe
You're the reason that I'm here
Singing to You...

Then we followed with one of my favorite new choruses that says:

It's just a little while longer 'til I see You
It's just a little while longer 'til I know You
It's just a little while longer 'til we'll be together...

And I was grinning ear-to-ear.



(By the way, the book I'm into is "Catching Fire", book 2 of the Hunger Games Trilogy)