Quote of the Day!

Me: Who is Martin Luther King, Junior?
4thgradegal: He was president of the United States!
***She will understand things better tomorrow!

Me: So, there were different rules for where blacks could sit, eat, drink, and go to the restroom.
AutisticKid: What do you mean, blacks?
Me: Well, people with black skin....
AutisticKid: You mean this (as he touches his skin.).
Me: Well, ya.
AutisticKid: Oh. You mean because of the skin color?
Me: Yeah.
AutisticKid: Oh. So you mean sweetiegal (girl in my class who has dark skin) wouldn't be at school with me?
Me: Well, not back then. It was quite an ordeal back then.
AutisticKid: Oh. So, you mean because of the color of their skin?
At which point, I put my head on the desk. Sometimes you gotta know when to move on...

Fun, with kids around.