Snow Day #2

Today we had Snow Day #2. I had to get up early for a doctor's appointment, so it didn't feel like a snow day at first, but it definitely turned into one! After going to appointment #1, I had a call that my 3:00 appointment was going to be re-scheduled because of the weather. As it turns out, that doctor's office was closing early. I was cool with that, especially when it started snowing this afternoon. It started REALLY snowing and I started to wonder if we would have school tomorrow.

Later, I was on Facebook and my Mom said my district wasn't having school the rest of the week. I was surprised, because I hadn't received a phone call from the district. Sure enough, the phone rang right away, and it was the district saying we wouldn't have school Thursday or Friday. I can't remember having school cancelled for TWO days on account of snow like that! Wow!

So, I have relaxed and enjoyed it today. A little while ago I took Jay out and the snow is blowing and falling in a way I haven't seen in YEARS.

The snow is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Oh sure, I know it's a pain in the neck, and I am sure that I'm housebound for a couple days. That being said, it's BEAUTIFUL. It reminds me of how we are as human beings. There is a scripture that says we are "Dark, Yet Lovely." Just as the snow causes problems, it also is a blessing if we stop and look at it. And, while I know I make mistakes and have to repent daily for things I do wrong, I also know that I am beautiful and special before the Lord.

Kinda Cool.

Two more snow days to go! SWEET.