Snow Day #4

I have thoroughly enjoyed my fourth snow day. I was actually productive, as the living room is clean and the Christmas Tree is put away in my storage area. After my cleaning phase, I found my way back to the couch. I have spent most of my day here, which has been nice. Considering they are predicting REALLY cold temps tonight and tomorrow, I think staying on the couch with Jay sounds WONDERFUL!

I did take Jay out a few hours ago, and we wandered over to the mailbox. When we came back, I looked at the snow bank in my lawn. I walked up to it, and noticed that it was as high as my knees. I honestly can't remember seeing snow that high! The snow is so BEAUTIFUL! I LOVED IT! Of course, Jay liked it for a few minutes, and then plopped down and refused to walk. I imagine that the cold temperatures are a bit much for him. We came in and he was happy to be inside.

I am amazed by this little furry kid. Whenever we come in from outside, he sits while I take off my boots and get his towel. He won't move until I tell him to do so! What an AWESOME little guy! Love. Him.

I was blessed by another 2 hour chat with a friend from Joplin. I love it here, but miss my friends in Joplin sometimes. So tonight was REALLY cool.

So, now I am headed to bed to read the COOL book Scienceguy and EnglishGal got me for Christmas! It's a really good book, and I have spent a lot of time tonight reading. It's been a while since I've had a book I couldn't put down. Love. It.