I just got done chatting with a friend in Joplin for an hour and a half. It is so much fun to have a friend to bounce stuff off of and laugh with! I don't take friendships lightly. My friend said tonight that is was clear that I am "deep in thought" tonight. Perhaps. I imagine it's because I have pondered a lot today. But, ya know, the highlight of my day was that chat. Don't get me wrong, being a bum on the couch, cuddling with Jay, and staying inside from the FREEZING temperatures was good. But, it was fun to have someone hear what I was saying and say "Yep, I get that." That is a gift.

So now I'm going to get lost in my book again. It's good I have a Border's gift card to spend. I see myself buying book #2 in the series tomorrow!

GREAT, with wonderful friends in my little corner of the world.