Let the Waters Rise....

I have been listening to K-Love a lot, and God has really been speaking to me through it. On my drive home tonight, Mike'sChair came on with their song, "Let the Waters Rise" and I really connected with it. I feel as if I'm in a season of feeling nothing, and at the same time God is speaking to me a lot. I know, that doesn't make sense to you, but I feel as if I'm hollow. So, anyway, I wanted to share the song. The song was written by Mike'sChair. I didn't write it!!!

Let the Waters Rise by Mike'sChair

Don’t know where to begin
It's like my worlds caving in
And I try but I can't control my fear
Where do I go from here

Sometimes it's so hard to pray
When You feel so far away
but I am willing to go where You want me to
God I Trust You

There's a raging sea
Right in front of me
Wants to pull me in
Bring me to my knees

So let the waters rise
If You want them to
I will follow You
I will follow You

I will swim in the deep
Cuz you’ll be next to me
You’re in the eye of the storm and the calm of the sea
You're never out of reach

God You know where I’ve been
And You were there with me then
You were faithful before, You’ll be faithful again
I’m holding Your hand

There's a raging sea
Right in front of me
Wants to pull me in
Bring me to my knees

So let the waters rise
If You want them to
I will follow You
I will follow You

God Your love is enough
You will pull me through
I’m holding onto You
God Your love is enough
I will follow You
I will follow You

There's a raging sea
Right in front of me
Wants to pull me in
Bring me to my knees

So let the waters rise
If You want them to
I will follow You
I will follow You

Enough said.

Wii Fit!!!

So, this morning I thought I would try to find a Wii Fit online. I didn't really expect to find one, but figured it would be worth a try. After trying various sites, I tried the Gamestop website. As it turns out, there is a link to help you find one in stores. Within two phone calls I found one!!! I was jazzed! Jay and I headed out on an adventure, as it was in an area of KC that I have never really been in. While it took me quite a while to get there and get home (Thanks Scienceguy for helping your directionally-challenged sister!) I felt good because I had the Wii Fit!

After walking Jay, I hooked it up and had fun playing it. I didn't play it very long because I had to go drive the shuttle, but it seems to be living up to the hype I've heard from various friends and co-workers. I have tried the snowboard balance game and the ski jump. I was better at the ski jump after I figured it out! I can't wait to try more of the games!!!

I was amazed at how it evaluates your weight, balance, etc. I was glad to hear I wasn't considered overweight! However, after figuring my balance, body mass, etc, I am in the shape of a 54 year old! Hum......I see some workouts in the future! *grin*

Love. It.



I remember years ago when the Nintendo Wii was created and my students started getting them. I was guilty of saying, "Like we need another gaming system." Once I researched and learned what it was all about, I changed my mind. For the first time that I can remember, video gaming is now an active thing. Instead of doing what I did as a kid with a remote and sitting still while attacking centipedes or blinky (Pac-Man), now you stand and are active in the games.

I played one over at a friend's house two years ago and LOVED it. I wanted one then, but due to financial responsibilities at the time, it was put on the "wish" list.

I went to a college reunion last June and we spent the evening playing it, and it led to a lot of laughter and fun! It was at that time that I REALLY wanted one. However, with the move and not knowing what expenses would be in the move here, I couldn't justify buying it.

Well, in December I received some Christmas Money and debated between buying an Ipod or a Wii. In the end, I decided a Wii would be fun to own. Once I made the decision, it took two weeks to finally get one, and tonight I played it for the first time. It was A LOT of fun.

It comes with Wii Sports. Wii Sports includes bowling, boxing, tennis, baseball, and golf. Surprisingly, the one I liked the most was boxing. I really burned some calories while pummeling my opponent. *grin* It was cool.

Just one more thing to distract me from homework. *grin* Now I'm on a mission to find Wii Fit!


A Pleasant Surprise

This afternoon at school there was an announcement for staff about a short meeting after school. In my teaching career, spontaneous meetings after school are not good ones. And, it was clear that that was the case for the majority of us on staff. As I entered the library, speculations were flying. This time of year is when people start talking about switching schools or grade levels, so our minds were spinning. I could feel the tension in the room.

When our principal came in and said that we needed to wait for someone to arrive, we all looked at each other and made small talk. My thought was "That's just not right. You're torturing us!" I could tell that others were having the same thought. A few moments felt like forever.

So when the rest of the staff joined us they announced that our librarian has been nominated for Teacher of the Year. We were all excited, and I felt the emotion go from tense to joy! Everyone cheered for her!!! It was GREAT!

Ah..........what a joy to have a GOOD after-school meeting.

Afterward, I was walking with my principal and told her that that was just mean. She grinned. She said it was neat to have good news to report. I have to agree!



I have been enjoying the Olympics a lot. In fact, each day I wonder what event will be on each evening. I am really enjoying the Extreme Sports. Speed Skating, Snowboarding, Ski Jumping, and relays have been my favorite events. In fact, I'm going to be sad when Closing Ceremonies are upon us and the events are over. It's been fun watching the highs and lows and everything in between. It's been an exciting Winter Olympics!

So, this morning on K-Love they posed the question...who would you have a Gold Medal to in your life? The majority of us won't win an olympic medal. However, we all make a difference in someone's life. I have given that a lot of thought today. It would be difficult to just pinpoint one person, as my life is full of so many people worthy of that in my life. I can't share everyone...however, I thought I would share a few...

Tooldude. My friend Tooldude lost his bladder in a battle with Cancer, and is still alive with an incredible outlook on life. I continue to challenge myself in my attitude daily due to my friendship with him. He also taught me the depth of God's love and strengthened my walk with God in ways he will never know. He gets a gold medal in my life!

Scienceguy. I watch Scienceguy parent his furry kids as well as be an incredible spouse to his wife and am inspired. He also earns a gold medal!

Monkeykid. I have a kid in my class who has challenges that I cannot even imagine. While he struggles, he is still asking for help. And while he builds my character a lot, I would give him a medal just for being who is and sharing his quirks with me! I couldn't give him the gold, because he's not my hardest worker, but I would give him the bronze just because he has so much stacked against him. He's a neat kid.

Rockstarpara and her sidekick CleaningGal. These two gals work hard from the time they walk in my classroom to the time they leave. Even in the midst of working hard they love my students as if they were their own. I would give them both a gold medal.

Laura. Laura has been beside me through the good, the bad, and everything in between, and has supported me completely. Another gold medal for her!

My parental unit. They're the best. Period. Hands down. Gold.

Jay. While he's a dog, he has been the best thing that's come into my life. He would get a gold, as he's the best, laid back, cuddler of a dog. He would get a gold medal in my book.

Ronni. Ronni is my favorite camper, and has Down's. She makes each week at camp more memorable each year. I am praying I get to be her cabin Mom again this year! She would get a gold just because of how much she's taught me in the short time I've known her.

Mr. and Mrs. H. They have adopted one child and are in the process of adopting another one. Just for that, I think they should get a medal. However, there's another reason I would choose them. Mr. H. has been very good about emailing me since I've left CF, and it's an honor to be such a good friend to such a neat family. They would get a gold from me!

Ms. H. We met when I served as an RA on her staff, and have remained good friends ever since. While we've definitely loved and fought like sisters at times, I can't imagine life without her love and support. She has taught me what friendship is all about. She gets a gold from me!

I don't mean to make light of how hard these real athletes are working. We all know how hard they train for their shot at a gold. However, I do think it's neat to stop and think about people who deserve one in one way or another.

Go ahead, stop and think. It's actually fun to do!



I seem to be having a lot of headaches these days. And I'm not talking headaches like my job is a headache. I mean headache as in, "I need to go to bed because my head hurts."

Tonight has turned into one of those nights. I wanted to grade papers longer, but it's time to call it a day instead.

Now, I don't share that for pity or for "I'll pray for you." (Even though that would be cool!)

I share that because as I have sat here and the headache has grown, I have thought to myself how blessed I am. While I've had more headaches recently, I don't have them everyday. And, I don't have them like other people I know. Some people miss work and spend days in bed. I am blessed that I can go to sleep for the night and wake up the next day feeling fine. And I will admit, I take that for granted.

Tonight I don't. Some people live each day with pain. I'm blessed to be able to say I don't.



A Phone Call

I have given some thought today to a phone call I had yesterday. (Today was Snow Day #5 by the way! Woop!)

Yesterday was ReadingTeacher's Birthday. ReadingTeacher and I taught for SEVERAL years in Joplin, and we became pretty good friends. Over the years we shared our love of books and movies with one another, and she was always really good about leaving a cool M&M gift for me on my desk on each holiday and birthday. Each morning she was the Hall Monitor for the bus riders and we would often have a good chat before the day began. She was also instrumental in supporting me last Spring as I moved from one place to another. I'm not so sure she realized it, but she supported me more than she will ever realize. And I will always be grateful that she was in my life last Spring...she really blessed me.

I was somewhat sad yesterday, as I knew I wouldn't be there today to leave her some Twizzlers, which was what I usually left her on her birthday and holidays. So, I turned to Jay yesterday and said, "Hey, let's call her!" I picked up the phone and got her voicemail, which was what I expected. I was glad to hear her voice though, even if it was just on voicemail.

A little while later as I was getting ready to go drive the shuttle, my phone rang. I didn't make it in time, but I called her back on my way to drive the shuttle. We talked for about twenty minutes, and it was SO GOOD to get caught up with her. I miss her a lot, and now wonder why it took me so long to pick up the phone.

I hope to see her March 26 when I stop in to say "Hi" before going to see Barnabas. Even if I don't, I think I may pick up the phone once in a while to say "Hi." Friendships like hers are priceless.


A True Dog Story

So, this morning I got up and got ready to go to church. As I was blow drying my hair, I heard a noise. I turned off the blow dryer, and sure enough I heard a TV. I figured it was my neighbors and kept doing my hair. After doing my hair, I went downstairs and Jay was laying on the couch watching TV! The trick of it was that I hadn't turned on the TV this morning! The silly dog managed to turn it on and watch it while I was upstairs getting ready! That's quite a trick too, as it takes several buttons to turn on both the cable and the TV. I just looked at him, and he put his head down to watch the TV.

Smart little dog!


Highlights of my Day....

First of all, I was able to spend some time with my parents. We had a nice visit, and Jay loved having them here! After they left, I watched a bit of the KU game before watching one of my students play basketball. It was quite a ballgame, but his team lost. Ah well, life goes on. After that, I went to drive the shuttle. I had a lot of fun driving tonight, and the time went by VERY fast. It was GREAT. After that, I went to Awakening, and had a blast! It was really cool.

Now I'm home and about to cuddle with Jay and go to bed.

Not a bad day at all.


I Was Shafted!!!

Dear Readers,

Jay here. I wanted to share with you a "roadtrip" I went on with Shortone today. I was SO EXCITED when she came home EARLY from work! She usually comes home after dark, but today she was home SUPER early. She let me out, grabbed some papers, and we got in the car. I thought we were headed to that store where I get toys or that other store where I get treats in the car. I was SO wrong.

Shortone took me into a building I had never seen before. I walked in and immediately started shaking. I could hear other dogs barking even though I couldn't see them. I looked at Shortone and wanted to leave, but we didn't. There were bags of dog food and other stuff that I wanted to sniff, but Shortone wouldn't let me!

After a little while, a guy came out of a room and I started letting him know who was boss! I was talking very loudly to him, but he was able to talk to me and calm me down. After he and Shortone talked for a little while, we went into a room where they took off my leash. At first I was really excited because I was free!!! But then he picked me up and put me on a table where the guy put stuff in my ears and he held me so he could check out my teeth and paws. I HATED having to be still. I also hated the animals I could hear through the door. I barked at them sometimes to let them know I would protect Shortone! He even had a lady come in and hold me while he clipped my nails on my paws.

The man told Shortone I have to lose weight. What's wrong with my weight? Shortone is always SO nice to me and gives me treats, and tonight I didn't get any scraps or treats! I heard the man say I have to lose 5 pounds! I'm not sure what that means, but as Shortone and I left the place she said that we were in this together and that we both needed to lose 5 pounds! I have a feeling that's not going to be fun because of the way she said it.

Shortone asked the man a lot of questions and told me later that she learned a lot. She was really happy that I was current on all my shots and that I don't have to go back until July! She said she was proud of me for doing well in that building.

I feel like I was shafted. I mean, we got in the car and I thought we were headed somewhere fun and I wound up in a room where people where poking me and putting stuff in my ears. BUT, Shortone pointed out to me that I got TWO treats while I was there, so it wasn't all bad.

Well, I'm glad that Shortone doesn't have to take me there again. They were nice, but I don't want to go back. I just thought I'd share...now I need to go to sleep. Later!

Your Friend,


Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on a lesson on endurance with my students. In the workshop I was in on Friday, the speaker spoke about the importance of teaching kids about endurance. I hadn't given it a lot of thought before then, honestly, but it made sense. In April my students are going to take the MAP test. For those of you not familiar with the MAP test at the elementary level, that means three days of Communication Arts Testing (WITHOUT any assistance, on their grade level, not instructional level) three days of Math (test can be read to them, if they qualify in reading), and three days of Science will be given to my 5th graders! In the midst of all these tests (and someday someone will ask for my two cents on it all, and I will not be shy) they will get tired and will most likely want to quit. On one hand, I can't blame them. On more than one occasion I have seen kids cry in my class because of the test. On the other hand, they cannot allow themselves to quit if they are going to show how much stuff they know! Hence, it's up to me to teach content AND also to teach them how to hang in there and give it 110% through the last day of the test.

So, yesterday I did quite a lesson that proved to build their endurance. I had one kid who WOULD NOT sit still. After asking him a couple times to sit still I said, "See, even you can have your endurance built in this class!" He grinned and said, "I always have to be doing something." I grinned and said, "Yep, and for the next ten minutes you're going to sit there just like you will during the test." He hated that, but did what I told him to do. *grin*

Tonight I have watched the Olympics. The past few days I have really enjoyed the Olympics. I sit here and think, "They are NUTS! They could kill themselves!" Yet, over and over again I see the athletes get hurt, and they get right back up and keep on going. I plan on showing some of the videos tomorrow of the Olympics to show my students some real-life examples of perseverance and endurance. I'm hoping it will help them understand the concept a little more. I want to show them what it looks like in real life, not just in theory. I also plan on covering it several times over the next several weeks.

For now, I need to stay steady and give 110% at school, as I would LOVE to be on Summer Break now. Gotta love practicing what I teach. *grin*


Transition Day!

Today was a day I had been dreading for a little while. Today was Transition Day and I met with each set of my student's parents and the middle school coordinator to get my students set up for school in the fall. I dreaded it because it meant I was going to open and close the Learning Center throughout the day. It proved to be a challenge, especially with RockStarPara gone today, but it all went well.

Truthfully, it proved to be exactly what I needed. I was repeatedly told "Thank You" by parents who have been pleased with their child's progress this school year. While I'm not so sure I did a whole lot in less than a school year, it certainly was nice to hear. I ended the day with a meeting I really dreaded, and it went REALLY well. Ah, it feels great to have today over. SERIOUSLY.

When I got home before dark, I looked at Jay and told him I didn't really want to go for a walk. However, it was early and we haven't walked in quite a while. I turned to Jay and said, "You wanna go for a walk?" He went NUTS. He has never reacted like that before! He knows what it means! How cool is that? We walked a mile, and I feel GREAT. I have missed walking more than I thought I would. SWEET.



So, there has been something that's been making me shake my head the past couple days.

When I came home Friday for my lunch break, I called to pay one of my last bills for the month. I have discovered the joy of paying via phone, as it's typically done in about 3 minutes. (With the right companies, of course)

So, on Friday I dialed the number fully expecting the electronic touchpad game to enter in all my information. (Can you tell I do this a lot?) Instead of getting an answering service, I got someone who did not speak english very well.

Once we got through who I was and what I wanted to do he said, "Okay, so in order for you to pay today it will cost $14.95 to make a payment over the phone. Do you accept these charges?"

I wasn't sure I heard right. The following is what transpired:

Me: What?
Him: In order for me to process this, it will cost $14.95, do you accept these charges?
Me: So you mean I have to pay you in order to pay you?
Him: Well, I see that you're in good standing, so I'll waive that fee and you can just make your payment.
Me: Huh?
Him: Well, I see on my computer that you've been a good customer for several years, so I will waive the fee and you can make your payment.
Me: Okay...

While the phone conversation ended well, I am still perplexed. First off, this was the first time that company had tried that with me. And, the guy was right, I am a good PAYING customer.

But what would have happened if I had just simply said "No"? I mean, my payment wasn't late. And honestly, I'm about to pay off that bill.

I'm still caught on the whole paying them in order to pay them.

Kinda makes me scratch my head...hum....



So, the past couple days I have had company, and I haven't had time to blog. So, I thought I would share a few tidbits, since each day held something memorable to me.

On Friday we had a Professional Development Day. The students had the day off, while all the teachers in the district attended workshops. I attended the Patrick Allen Workshop on Conferring. We will be doing a book study at my school on the book Conferring written by Mr. Allen, so I chose to go to that workshop. It was a really good workshop. I will admit, I usually dread those days as I typically sit in those meetings and think, "I have so much I could be doing in my classroom right now." And while that was true, I needed to hear a motivational speaker on teaching kids how to read better. Third quarter is always the hardest, so I needed a little push to stay strong through May 27. It was really good. It made me excited to read the book this Spring in the book study.

After the workshop, I met up with SingingGal and her family at IHOP-KC. I brought the kids back here while the adults went off to be adults. I had so much fun with the three kids!!! I am SO EXCITED that they are moving here next month to be a part of IHOP! We got so close to each other right before I moved here, and now she is moving here! Yippee!

The kids and I were on a mission Friday night to go buy a Wii. It has taken me a while, but I have finally decided that I want to spend my Christmas money on a Wii. I figured it would be easy to find a Wii, as the initial Wii craze was qiute a while ago. As it turns out, EVERYONE around here is sold out. While the kids were bummed, we enjoyed watching the Olympics Opening Cermonies and played some board games. It was a lot of fun, and in a weird kind of way, I'm glad we never found the Wii. Playing board games was my favorite part of being with them!

Last night I drove the shuttle for my usual shift. I got to do the Overflow Lot again and really enjoyed it. I got to see some of my favorite riders and we had a lot of fun. At one point, Isabel and Patricia got on my shuttle and immediately said, "It's my favorite driver!" I just grinned ear-to-ear. I got to know a lot of neat people and stayed busy, which was fun. At the end, DrummerBoy (SingingGal's son) joined me as I did my last run and parked the shuttle. I think that when DrummerBoy is old enough, he would make a great Shuttle Driver! It was fun to have him along!

This morning I got up and went to FCF. Due to the fact I drove the shuttle the past two Sunday Mornings, I REALLY wanted to be at church today. So, after saying good-bye to SingingGal and her family, I headed to service. It felt SO GOOD to be with my church family again! I loved it!

I also love the fact that I have the day off tomorrow! Love, love, love, three-day weekends!

So, now I'm going to be a bum before I go to drive the shuttle tonight. Woop!

Happy Valentine's Day!



So, last night I accomplished something I never thought I would do. While it isn't a big thing, it has motivated me in a good way.

For a while I have attempted to watch an episode of Hoarders. If you've never seen it, it's an interesting show. It's a show that gives a bit of insight into people who hoard their belongings. Sometimes it's simply not cleaning the house, and other times people are attached to objects that they just can't think of throwing away for good. I had tried previously to watch it, and it was too hard for me because the more I watched it, the more I realized that in the last season of my life I lived with two hoarders. (On a small scale.) It made me feel claustrophobic as I remembered what I lived in without even realizing it because it was "normal" to me. I would watch about 5 minutes of the show, and then turn the channel.

Sunday afternoon I was trying to find something to watch. Now that I have seen all the episodes of NCIS on USA, I need something new to watch. I'm really getting sucked into Made-For-TV Movies, so that will be my new thing, but Sunday there weren't any good ones on. (Probably due to the Super Bowl.) So, I watched a few minutes of Hoarders. My heart leapt for the family of the hoarder, and I hit "record" as I headed out to drive the shuttle.

Last night, I watched it. And, it motivated me. While I am not a hoarder, I had slacked on keeping up with filing bills and my counter space in the kitchen was pretty full. My recycle cabinet was full, and it needed to be emptied as well.

So, needless to say, after the show last night I started cleaning out the recycle cabinet. It is now clean and the recyclables will be taken care of tomorrow, as they are already in the trunk! I also spent the evening shredding things I don't need and saving the things I do. While the project isn't done, it will be finished tomorrow night. And, I feel better because of that.

Honestly, that's the extent of my hoarding. I'm a pretty clean gal, and I can't stand clutter. I even went through stuff today at school and my recycle bin there is overflowing!

On the show, they cleaned out 8,000 pounds of filth. Yep, that's all the motivation I needed. *grin*

Good...especially with very little clutter! *grin*

Jay's Ramblings!


Jay here! What's up? Shortone is on here WAY TOO MUCH, so I thought I'd take a moment and write something. She thinks I'm still playing with my rawhide chew, so don't tell her, k?

I'm tired of all this cold weather. I haven't been on my usual walk in a LONG TIME. Shortone tries to take me sometimes, but I just lay down in the middle of the walk because my paws are too cold. She's really nice though because she always comes right home when I do that. She mumbles something about how it's a WALK and that I don't seem to grasp that concept. I don't understand what she means by that, but she's always laughing when she says it, so it must be a good thing!

Tonight Shortone was sad because I killed the Flying Squirrel, which was her favorite toy that I own. It was a really cool toy, as she could make it fly across the living room and into the kitchen. I really liked it because it had a NEAT squeaker and LOTS of stuffing in it. She said she will go to Wal-Mart this weekend to see if they have any more of them but they were down to one, so she doesn't think it will be possible. She said it's a good thing that it was only $5. She said it was a good toy for 11 days! *grin*

Last night Shortone had a really bad headache, and she just wanted to sleep. She fell asleep in the living room at one point, with me on the couch with her. She woke up a little while later and we moved upstairs. She didn't make me get in the box right away because KU was playing basketball, and she said I would go in after the game was over. The cool part was that she fell asleep during the game, and so I was loose all evening! She woke up a couple times during the night and I just laid on top of the bed and slept. She never made me go in the box!!! It was SO COOL. She said earlier tonight that I was going in the box tonight because I got into the bathroom trash downstairs last night. Why is that a problem? I don't eat it, I just spread it all over the floor. Why is that so bad?

Well, I have a chew toy to destroy, so I will talk to you later!


(Shortone added that, as she caught me right at the end of the post. Bummer.)

The Power of Prayer....

Today RockStarPara was absent, so we did Sight Word Bingo with my ten o'clock group. Today was our first day to play it this quarter. In that group I have first, second, third, and fourth graders.

At the end of round one, I looked over and my second grade boy was praying. I thought it was cute! I just said something to the group about the kid praying, but didn't make a big deal out of it.

On the next word I called out the kid won!

He looked at me and said, "See, prayer works!"

I just grinned.


Rumor versus Truth

As I stated last night, the library is one of my favorite places to go around here. At school, that is true as well. We have such a beautiful library that has all new books, so it's fun to go in and see what new shipment has come in. It seems that each week we're getting more and more books, so there is always something new to read!

So I was in the library about 2 weeks ago, and one of my students was looking for a particular book. I offered to help him find it, and when it wasn't in the spot it should have been, we went up to the librarian to ask if she had it. After my student told her what book it was, she frowned and said that the book was there, but it wasn't ready to be on the shelves yet. And, she said she doubted that it would be put on the shelves at my school, that it would probably be sent to the Middle School or High School because it had raised such a ruckus at the last librarians meeting they had.

She could tell I was interested to hear why and she went on to say that this book taught kids how to eat humans! My jaw dropped and I wanted to read it right away to see if that was true.

The title of the book is The Compound. I left the school library and reserved it through the public library system online. I was anxious to see if that was true or just a rumor that raised ruckus.

So in the span of three nights, I had the book read. And, honestly, it didn't teach kids how to eat humans! After I read it, it made me think about all the things we hear and believe are true when in reality they are not. This book was actually a really good book. I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't put it in an Elementary Library but I really enjoyed it.

What I gained from this little experiment is that it's a good thing to find out things for ourselves. I could have walked away from that conversation and told everyone I knew about how that book taught kids how to eat humans, so no one should read it. Instead, I read it because I wanted to find out for myself how much of it was rumor and how much of it was true.

In the end, I think it's best just to stay away from rumor and find out things for myself.

Along with that, I have thought about several friends that I have. There are several that other friends have said, "Oh, that person is like such and such", and they refused to get to know them because of the rumor they had heard. That's too bad too, because those people that I have gotten to know even though others have warned me about them are incredible people and my life wouldn't be the same without them in it.

Hum...seems to me, it's just best not to follow rumors and find out for myself what's true and what's not...


Curling Up With a Good Book!

Moving to the big city has brought me some INCREDIBLE blessings. One of my favorite blessings here is the Mid-Continent Public Library System. It's weird to think that in Joplin I paid $40 a year for a library card because I lived out of the county, and now I have access to all the library catalogs in the KC area for FREE! I am now going to the library about twice a week to return books as well as check out new books for my classroom. The library will let me check out up to 200 at a time! Yeah, well, I think I have about 45 checked out and sitting on my table in my classroom for students to read. I am not on a mission to have 200! *grin*

So, in addition to getting books for the kids, I am also getting books for me to read for fun. I have been hooked on a couple of new authors recently, and am now REALLY wanting Summer Break to arrive so that I can read all the books I have found that I want to read.

Tonight I curled up with a book I started the other night and I am close to finishing it tonight.

If you ask me, it was the PERFECT night. With snow falling outside (it's beautiful) I didn't want to be anywhere but on the couch with Jay. *grin*


The Coolest Part of My Workday!

I really am enjoying my job these days. While I still have some character-building aspects to it, I have come to realize how blessed I am to have a job. The more I hear of the life in Haiti, the more I find myself thinking, "Thank You God for all I have!" SERIOUSLY!!!

So, lately I have honestly done less paperwork, (Which will be caught up at some point!) and have done more teaching. For about two weeks I was letting RockStarPara and HardWorkingGal do more with the kids and I was sitting at my desk doing paperwork. Last Friday, my favorite red-headed student (Also my only one this year!) this year said, "Ms. S., how come you're not with us on Fridays anymore for our games?" I stopped in my tracks. The kid was right, I hadn't participated in Game Day for at least two weeks! Needless to say, I joined in on Game Day that day. *grin*

So, this week I have been with the kids more, and am REALLY enjoying it. During several parts of my day, I read one-on-one or in Small Groups with the kids. I have decided that is my favorite part of my workday. I'll be honest, I love to read, but I also love to see how far they have all come in their reading. In fact, we just got some new books in our school library, so I have many plans for reading with the kids.

Last week was such a tough week that I needed something to encourage me, and this week was just what I needed!

Kinda cool, eh?



I wanted to post a clarification on my "Letter to God" post.

I have this account tied to another account and I have been receiving many comments on that post. While they are all encouraging, noone seems to have gotten it but Ms. H. Therefore, after much consideration, I am posting her response on here so that my readers can understand the point of that post.

"Hi. My name is Shortone. I have a limp because God knew I could ROCK the challenge of having Cerebral Palsy. He knew that it would help my students know that their teacher understands what they're going through...thereby maximizing the amount of progress we make in addressing their learning disabilities. By the way, I myself do not have a learning disability. I have a Master's degree in Education and a doctorate in Loving Jesus. Now, if you would please look up, you'll see that I am smiling at you....and would really like to be your friend."

As I stated in a previous post, Ms. H. got my frustration more than anyone. It's not that I have the limp. It's that people feel I need prayer for healing for it.

I don't.

I am as God created me to be.

And, I like me.

Thanks Ms. H.

You rock!



I'm always amazed when God gives us what we need before we know what we need. When I found out the Laura was coming this way I was excited, but not as excited as I usually am. I can't explain why, but it's true.

So, the time began with us sitting in the shuttle praying for a mutual friend! How cool is that? I love that Laura and I can get together, and before we even hugged hello I said, "Hey, we need to pray..." and we did! That's such a blessing to me!

Our visit was WONDERFUL. We went out to eat, spent a lot of time talking, and hit Skate Night last night where my little people were skating! It was all great!

Part of living this side of Heaven is having people beside us as we run the race specifically set before us.

I'm ENORMOUSLY blessed to have Laura running beside me.

Thank You, God!

Good...with Laura in my little corner of the world!