I wanted to post a clarification on my "Letter to God" post.

I have this account tied to another account and I have been receiving many comments on that post. While they are all encouraging, noone seems to have gotten it but Ms. H. Therefore, after much consideration, I am posting her response on here so that my readers can understand the point of that post.

"Hi. My name is Shortone. I have a limp because God knew I could ROCK the challenge of having Cerebral Palsy. He knew that it would help my students know that their teacher understands what they're going through...thereby maximizing the amount of progress we make in addressing their learning disabilities. By the way, I myself do not have a learning disability. I have a Master's degree in Education and a doctorate in Loving Jesus. Now, if you would please look up, you'll see that I am smiling at you....and would really like to be your friend."

As I stated in a previous post, Ms. H. got my frustration more than anyone. It's not that I have the limp. It's that people feel I need prayer for healing for it.

I don't.

I am as God created me to be.

And, I like me.

Thanks Ms. H.

You rock!