Curling Up With a Good Book!

Moving to the big city has brought me some INCREDIBLE blessings. One of my favorite blessings here is the Mid-Continent Public Library System. It's weird to think that in Joplin I paid $40 a year for a library card because I lived out of the county, and now I have access to all the library catalogs in the KC area for FREE! I am now going to the library about twice a week to return books as well as check out new books for my classroom. The library will let me check out up to 200 at a time! Yeah, well, I think I have about 45 checked out and sitting on my table in my classroom for students to read. I am not on a mission to have 200! *grin*

So, in addition to getting books for the kids, I am also getting books for me to read for fun. I have been hooked on a couple of new authors recently, and am now REALLY wanting Summer Break to arrive so that I can read all the books I have found that I want to read.

Tonight I curled up with a book I started the other night and I am close to finishing it tonight.

If you ask me, it was the PERFECT night. With snow falling outside (it's beautiful) I didn't want to be anywhere but on the couch with Jay. *grin*