Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on a lesson on endurance with my students. In the workshop I was in on Friday, the speaker spoke about the importance of teaching kids about endurance. I hadn't given it a lot of thought before then, honestly, but it made sense. In April my students are going to take the MAP test. For those of you not familiar with the MAP test at the elementary level, that means three days of Communication Arts Testing (WITHOUT any assistance, on their grade level, not instructional level) three days of Math (test can be read to them, if they qualify in reading), and three days of Science will be given to my 5th graders! In the midst of all these tests (and someday someone will ask for my two cents on it all, and I will not be shy) they will get tired and will most likely want to quit. On one hand, I can't blame them. On more than one occasion I have seen kids cry in my class because of the test. On the other hand, they cannot allow themselves to quit if they are going to show how much stuff they know! Hence, it's up to me to teach content AND also to teach them how to hang in there and give it 110% through the last day of the test.

So, yesterday I did quite a lesson that proved to build their endurance. I had one kid who WOULD NOT sit still. After asking him a couple times to sit still I said, "See, even you can have your endurance built in this class!" He grinned and said, "I always have to be doing something." I grinned and said, "Yep, and for the next ten minutes you're going to sit there just like you will during the test." He hated that, but did what I told him to do. *grin*

Tonight I have watched the Olympics. The past few days I have really enjoyed the Olympics. I sit here and think, "They are NUTS! They could kill themselves!" Yet, over and over again I see the athletes get hurt, and they get right back up and keep on going. I plan on showing some of the videos tomorrow of the Olympics to show my students some real-life examples of perseverance and endurance. I'm hoping it will help them understand the concept a little more. I want to show them what it looks like in real life, not just in theory. I also plan on covering it several times over the next several weeks.

For now, I need to stay steady and give 110% at school, as I would LOVE to be on Summer Break now. Gotta love practicing what I teach. *grin*