I seem to be having a lot of headaches these days. And I'm not talking headaches like my job is a headache. I mean headache as in, "I need to go to bed because my head hurts."

Tonight has turned into one of those nights. I wanted to grade papers longer, but it's time to call it a day instead.

Now, I don't share that for pity or for "I'll pray for you." (Even though that would be cool!)

I share that because as I have sat here and the headache has grown, I have thought to myself how blessed I am. While I've had more headaches recently, I don't have them everyday. And, I don't have them like other people I know. Some people miss work and spend days in bed. I am blessed that I can go to sleep for the night and wake up the next day feeling fine. And I will admit, I take that for granted.

Tonight I don't. Some people live each day with pain. I'm blessed to be able to say I don't.