I Was Shafted!!!

Dear Readers,

Jay here. I wanted to share with you a "roadtrip" I went on with Shortone today. I was SO EXCITED when she came home EARLY from work! She usually comes home after dark, but today she was home SUPER early. She let me out, grabbed some papers, and we got in the car. I thought we were headed to that store where I get toys or that other store where I get treats in the car. I was SO wrong.

Shortone took me into a building I had never seen before. I walked in and immediately started shaking. I could hear other dogs barking even though I couldn't see them. I looked at Shortone and wanted to leave, but we didn't. There were bags of dog food and other stuff that I wanted to sniff, but Shortone wouldn't let me!

After a little while, a guy came out of a room and I started letting him know who was boss! I was talking very loudly to him, but he was able to talk to me and calm me down. After he and Shortone talked for a little while, we went into a room where they took off my leash. At first I was really excited because I was free!!! But then he picked me up and put me on a table where the guy put stuff in my ears and he held me so he could check out my teeth and paws. I HATED having to be still. I also hated the animals I could hear through the door. I barked at them sometimes to let them know I would protect Shortone! He even had a lady come in and hold me while he clipped my nails on my paws.

The man told Shortone I have to lose weight. What's wrong with my weight? Shortone is always SO nice to me and gives me treats, and tonight I didn't get any scraps or treats! I heard the man say I have to lose 5 pounds! I'm not sure what that means, but as Shortone and I left the place she said that we were in this together and that we both needed to lose 5 pounds! I have a feeling that's not going to be fun because of the way she said it.

Shortone asked the man a lot of questions and told me later that she learned a lot. She was really happy that I was current on all my shots and that I don't have to go back until July! She said she was proud of me for doing well in that building.

I feel like I was shafted. I mean, we got in the car and I thought we were headed somewhere fun and I wound up in a room where people where poking me and putting stuff in my ears. BUT, Shortone pointed out to me that I got TWO treats while I was there, so it wasn't all bad.

Well, I'm glad that Shortone doesn't have to take me there again. They were nice, but I don't want to go back. I just thought I'd share...now I need to go to sleep. Later!

Your Friend,