Jay's Ramblings!


Jay here! What's up? Shortone is on here WAY TOO MUCH, so I thought I'd take a moment and write something. She thinks I'm still playing with my rawhide chew, so don't tell her, k?

I'm tired of all this cold weather. I haven't been on my usual walk in a LONG TIME. Shortone tries to take me sometimes, but I just lay down in the middle of the walk because my paws are too cold. She's really nice though because she always comes right home when I do that. She mumbles something about how it's a WALK and that I don't seem to grasp that concept. I don't understand what she means by that, but she's always laughing when she says it, so it must be a good thing!

Tonight Shortone was sad because I killed the Flying Squirrel, which was her favorite toy that I own. It was a really cool toy, as she could make it fly across the living room and into the kitchen. I really liked it because it had a NEAT squeaker and LOTS of stuffing in it. She said she will go to Wal-Mart this weekend to see if they have any more of them but they were down to one, so she doesn't think it will be possible. She said it's a good thing that it was only $5. She said it was a good toy for 11 days! *grin*

Last night Shortone had a really bad headache, and she just wanted to sleep. She fell asleep in the living room at one point, with me on the couch with her. She woke up a little while later and we moved upstairs. She didn't make me get in the box right away because KU was playing basketball, and she said I would go in after the game was over. The cool part was that she fell asleep during the game, and so I was loose all evening! She woke up a couple times during the night and I just laid on top of the bed and slept. She never made me go in the box!!! It was SO COOL. She said earlier tonight that I was going in the box tonight because I got into the bathroom trash downstairs last night. Why is that a problem? I don't eat it, I just spread it all over the floor. Why is that so bad?

Well, I have a chew toy to destroy, so I will talk to you later!


(Shortone added that, as she caught me right at the end of the post. Bummer.)