I'm always amazed when God gives us what we need before we know what we need. When I found out the Laura was coming this way I was excited, but not as excited as I usually am. I can't explain why, but it's true.

So, the time began with us sitting in the shuttle praying for a mutual friend! How cool is that? I love that Laura and I can get together, and before we even hugged hello I said, "Hey, we need to pray..." and we did! That's such a blessing to me!

Our visit was WONDERFUL. We went out to eat, spent a lot of time talking, and hit Skate Night last night where my little people were skating! It was all great!

Part of living this side of Heaven is having people beside us as we run the race specifically set before us.

I'm ENORMOUSLY blessed to have Laura running beside me.

Thank You, God!

Good...with Laura in my little corner of the world!