So, last night I accomplished something I never thought I would do. While it isn't a big thing, it has motivated me in a good way.

For a while I have attempted to watch an episode of Hoarders. If you've never seen it, it's an interesting show. It's a show that gives a bit of insight into people who hoard their belongings. Sometimes it's simply not cleaning the house, and other times people are attached to objects that they just can't think of throwing away for good. I had tried previously to watch it, and it was too hard for me because the more I watched it, the more I realized that in the last season of my life I lived with two hoarders. (On a small scale.) It made me feel claustrophobic as I remembered what I lived in without even realizing it because it was "normal" to me. I would watch about 5 minutes of the show, and then turn the channel.

Sunday afternoon I was trying to find something to watch. Now that I have seen all the episodes of NCIS on USA, I need something new to watch. I'm really getting sucked into Made-For-TV Movies, so that will be my new thing, but Sunday there weren't any good ones on. (Probably due to the Super Bowl.) So, I watched a few minutes of Hoarders. My heart leapt for the family of the hoarder, and I hit "record" as I headed out to drive the shuttle.

Last night, I watched it. And, it motivated me. While I am not a hoarder, I had slacked on keeping up with filing bills and my counter space in the kitchen was pretty full. My recycle cabinet was full, and it needed to be emptied as well.

So, needless to say, after the show last night I started cleaning out the recycle cabinet. It is now clean and the recyclables will be taken care of tomorrow, as they are already in the trunk! I also spent the evening shredding things I don't need and saving the things I do. While the project isn't done, it will be finished tomorrow night. And, I feel better because of that.

Honestly, that's the extent of my hoarding. I'm a pretty clean gal, and I can't stand clutter. I even went through stuff today at school and my recycle bin there is overflowing!

On the show, they cleaned out 8,000 pounds of filth. Yep, that's all the motivation I needed. *grin*

Good...especially with very little clutter! *grin*