A Phone Call

I have given some thought today to a phone call I had yesterday. (Today was Snow Day #5 by the way! Woop!)

Yesterday was ReadingTeacher's Birthday. ReadingTeacher and I taught for SEVERAL years in Joplin, and we became pretty good friends. Over the years we shared our love of books and movies with one another, and she was always really good about leaving a cool M&M gift for me on my desk on each holiday and birthday. Each morning she was the Hall Monitor for the bus riders and we would often have a good chat before the day began. She was also instrumental in supporting me last Spring as I moved from one place to another. I'm not so sure she realized it, but she supported me more than she will ever realize. And I will always be grateful that she was in my life last Spring...she really blessed me.

I was somewhat sad yesterday, as I knew I wouldn't be there today to leave her some Twizzlers, which was what I usually left her on her birthday and holidays. So, I turned to Jay yesterday and said, "Hey, let's call her!" I picked up the phone and got her voicemail, which was what I expected. I was glad to hear her voice though, even if it was just on voicemail.

A little while later as I was getting ready to go drive the shuttle, my phone rang. I didn't make it in time, but I called her back on my way to drive the shuttle. We talked for about twenty minutes, and it was SO GOOD to get caught up with her. I miss her a lot, and now wonder why it took me so long to pick up the phone.

I hope to see her March 26 when I stop in to say "Hi" before going to see Barnabas. Even if I don't, I think I may pick up the phone once in a while to say "Hi." Friendships like hers are priceless.