Rumor versus Truth

As I stated last night, the library is one of my favorite places to go around here. At school, that is true as well. We have such a beautiful library that has all new books, so it's fun to go in and see what new shipment has come in. It seems that each week we're getting more and more books, so there is always something new to read!

So I was in the library about 2 weeks ago, and one of my students was looking for a particular book. I offered to help him find it, and when it wasn't in the spot it should have been, we went up to the librarian to ask if she had it. After my student told her what book it was, she frowned and said that the book was there, but it wasn't ready to be on the shelves yet. And, she said she doubted that it would be put on the shelves at my school, that it would probably be sent to the Middle School or High School because it had raised such a ruckus at the last librarians meeting they had.

She could tell I was interested to hear why and she went on to say that this book taught kids how to eat humans! My jaw dropped and I wanted to read it right away to see if that was true.

The title of the book is The Compound. I left the school library and reserved it through the public library system online. I was anxious to see if that was true or just a rumor that raised ruckus.

So in the span of three nights, I had the book read. And, honestly, it didn't teach kids how to eat humans! After I read it, it made me think about all the things we hear and believe are true when in reality they are not. This book was actually a really good book. I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't put it in an Elementary Library but I really enjoyed it.

What I gained from this little experiment is that it's a good thing to find out things for ourselves. I could have walked away from that conversation and told everyone I knew about how that book taught kids how to eat humans, so no one should read it. Instead, I read it because I wanted to find out for myself how much of it was rumor and how much of it was true.

In the end, I think it's best just to stay away from rumor and find out things for myself.

Along with that, I have thought about several friends that I have. There are several that other friends have said, "Oh, that person is like such and such", and they refused to get to know them because of the rumor they had heard. That's too bad too, because those people that I have gotten to know even though others have warned me about them are incredible people and my life wouldn't be the same without them in it.

Hum...seems to me, it's just best not to follow rumors and find out for myself what's true and what's not...