So, the past couple days I have had company, and I haven't had time to blog. So, I thought I would share a few tidbits, since each day held something memorable to me.

On Friday we had a Professional Development Day. The students had the day off, while all the teachers in the district attended workshops. I attended the Patrick Allen Workshop on Conferring. We will be doing a book study at my school on the book Conferring written by Mr. Allen, so I chose to go to that workshop. It was a really good workshop. I will admit, I usually dread those days as I typically sit in those meetings and think, "I have so much I could be doing in my classroom right now." And while that was true, I needed to hear a motivational speaker on teaching kids how to read better. Third quarter is always the hardest, so I needed a little push to stay strong through May 27. It was really good. It made me excited to read the book this Spring in the book study.

After the workshop, I met up with SingingGal and her family at IHOP-KC. I brought the kids back here while the adults went off to be adults. I had so much fun with the three kids!!! I am SO EXCITED that they are moving here next month to be a part of IHOP! We got so close to each other right before I moved here, and now she is moving here! Yippee!

The kids and I were on a mission Friday night to go buy a Wii. It has taken me a while, but I have finally decided that I want to spend my Christmas money on a Wii. I figured it would be easy to find a Wii, as the initial Wii craze was qiute a while ago. As it turns out, EVERYONE around here is sold out. While the kids were bummed, we enjoyed watching the Olympics Opening Cermonies and played some board games. It was a lot of fun, and in a weird kind of way, I'm glad we never found the Wii. Playing board games was my favorite part of being with them!

Last night I drove the shuttle for my usual shift. I got to do the Overflow Lot again and really enjoyed it. I got to see some of my favorite riders and we had a lot of fun. At one point, Isabel and Patricia got on my shuttle and immediately said, "It's my favorite driver!" I just grinned ear-to-ear. I got to know a lot of neat people and stayed busy, which was fun. At the end, DrummerBoy (SingingGal's son) joined me as I did my last run and parked the shuttle. I think that when DrummerBoy is old enough, he would make a great Shuttle Driver! It was fun to have him along!

This morning I got up and went to FCF. Due to the fact I drove the shuttle the past two Sunday Mornings, I REALLY wanted to be at church today. So, after saying good-bye to SingingGal and her family, I headed to service. It felt SO GOOD to be with my church family again! I loved it!

I also love the fact that I have the day off tomorrow! Love, love, love, three-day weekends!

So, now I'm going to be a bum before I go to drive the shuttle tonight. Woop!

Happy Valentine's Day!