Transition Day!

Today was a day I had been dreading for a little while. Today was Transition Day and I met with each set of my student's parents and the middle school coordinator to get my students set up for school in the fall. I dreaded it because it meant I was going to open and close the Learning Center throughout the day. It proved to be a challenge, especially with RockStarPara gone today, but it all went well.

Truthfully, it proved to be exactly what I needed. I was repeatedly told "Thank You" by parents who have been pleased with their child's progress this school year. While I'm not so sure I did a whole lot in less than a school year, it certainly was nice to hear. I ended the day with a meeting I really dreaded, and it went REALLY well. Ah, it feels great to have today over. SERIOUSLY.

When I got home before dark, I looked at Jay and told him I didn't really want to go for a walk. However, it was early and we haven't walked in quite a while. I turned to Jay and said, "You wanna go for a walk?" He went NUTS. He has never reacted like that before! He knows what it means! How cool is that? We walked a mile, and I feel GREAT. I have missed walking more than I thought I would. SWEET.