I remember years ago when the Nintendo Wii was created and my students started getting them. I was guilty of saying, "Like we need another gaming system." Once I researched and learned what it was all about, I changed my mind. For the first time that I can remember, video gaming is now an active thing. Instead of doing what I did as a kid with a remote and sitting still while attacking centipedes or blinky (Pac-Man), now you stand and are active in the games.

I played one over at a friend's house two years ago and LOVED it. I wanted one then, but due to financial responsibilities at the time, it was put on the "wish" list.

I went to a college reunion last June and we spent the evening playing it, and it led to a lot of laughter and fun! It was at that time that I REALLY wanted one. However, with the move and not knowing what expenses would be in the move here, I couldn't justify buying it.

Well, in December I received some Christmas Money and debated between buying an Ipod or a Wii. In the end, I decided a Wii would be fun to own. Once I made the decision, it took two weeks to finally get one, and tonight I played it for the first time. It was A LOT of fun.

It comes with Wii Sports. Wii Sports includes bowling, boxing, tennis, baseball, and golf. Surprisingly, the one I liked the most was boxing. I really burned some calories while pummeling my opponent. *grin* It was cool.

Just one more thing to distract me from homework. *grin* Now I'm on a mission to find Wii Fit!