Caught Off-Guard

So, in the past two days, I've found myself caught off-guard in two separate conversations.

The first one I want to share was this morning as I was driving shuttles. I was driving the Overflow Lot Route (my favorite!) which is a SHORT route. It's about a 15 second drive from the lot to the FSM building. (Not kidding either, SUPER SHORT!) Due to the fact it's a short trip, sometimes I simply have to leave the lot, even as other cars are pulling in. I use my own judgement, but sometimes I have a full shuttle OR we have waited 5 minutes and I don't like to make my passengers wait more than five minutes.

This morning I made one of those decisions. I had an ALMOST full shuttle, and decided it was time to go. No one was left standing waiting for the shuttle, but cars were pulling in as I pulled out. When I returned, a lady got on board and the following conversation occurred:

Me: Good Morning!
Crankylady: You left me here!
Me: Huh?
Crankylady: You left me here! I pulled in and you left me here!
Me: Uh, well, I had just about a full load.
Crankylady: You mean you didn't have room for just me?
Me: Uh, well, I would have, but those people had waited a while.
Crankylady: Well, you should wait for people when they're pulling in.
Me: I usually do. My last load waited for quite a few cars before I left. You only waited a couple minutes, at the most.
Crankylady: Well, you should have waited for me.

Thankfully, a guy that she knew got on and struck up a conversation with her. I looked at her and realized something. She's the same gal that was upset with me a different night. She is also the ONLY passenger I've ever had that has been unhappy. And honestly, she seems like the kind of gal that is often unhappy. I pray I'm wrong...but, twice in the span of about 2 months? Hm...

My other moment was last night at service. Honestly, looking back on the conversation I was kind of rude, but it honestly felt good to say it! The gentleman that came up to me is a regular shuttle rider, but I can't remember his name. I'll call him JoeBob for the sake of this post.

At about 10pm, they had a time of prayer for those seeking healing. I was standing in a row of seats, and JoeBob was standing a little bit down from me in the same row. I wanted to stay put when they called for prayer. I was having fun right where I was standing! I looked over, and JoeBob was coming toward me, so I moved so he could get out of the row because I thought he was headed up for prayer. He stopped and looked at me. The following is what was said:

JoeBob: What's wrong with you?
Me: Nothing.
JoeBob: No, I saw you limping.
Me: Nothing.
JoeBob: Oh, I thought you were limping.
Me: I do limp, but there is nothing wrong with me.
JoeBob: Oh.
Me: I was born with Cerebral Palsy, but there is nothing wrong with me.
JoeBob: *blank stare*
Me: *grin*

Needless to say, he got out of the row and went up front without another word. I felt a twinge of guilt as that wasn't very nice, but I will admit, IT FELT GREAT!