Day #2 with Lostboy #2

Today I had a second day with my new student. I spent a good amount of time praying over the kid this past weekend at camp. I will admit, I was nervous. Not scared, just nervous. Yesterday went fairly well. I was actually glad it went as well as it did because I knew the week would get tougher and tougher. As it turns out, I was right.

Today I had Lostboy #2, and he challenged me in a way I haven't been challenged this year. On one hand, it is fun to have a new challenge. On the other hand, I was WIPED after he left my room.

It made me think about how we do the absolute best we can in a moment, and then ponder it for minutes, hours, days, or years afterward. I spent the rest of the afternoon praying and wondering what else I can do to help this kid. Honestly, I felt I did okay with him. And, it made me feel good to hear RockStarPara say that I did a good job with him.

It will be interesting to see what the next 1.5 days have in store for me with Lostboy this week. Honestly, I walked away today and yesterday with a thought: this is a child of God. And, God gave Him to me to be His hands, mouth, ears, and feet. I just pray I hear His voice above everything else as I work with him.

By the way, at the end of each day I have searched him out for a hug and a thumbwrestle match!

He always wins the match.