Deryck Box

Tonight I had a really good evening at IHOP-KC.

First off, I drove shuttles, and had a GREAT time! On one of my first trips to FSM, I received a word from God via an FSM student. Honestly, he rode in the back of the shuttle and we didn't talk prior to arriving at FSM. He got off my shuttle, and headed into the FSM building. Next thing I knew, he was standing in front of me with a word from God. I tell ya, the word was RIGHT ON. The coolest part is that he had no idea what I've been talking to God about. I thought that was COOL.

After driving, I went into service where Deryck was leading worship. I'll be honest, it's been YEARS since I've been in a worship set where he led, and I REALLY enjoyed it. I planned on leaving at 10 since we lose an hour tonight due to Daylight Savings Time, but wound up staying until 11! Ah well, it is SPRING BREAK! (Even thought it doesn't feel much like Spring outside!)

Tomorrow I'm doing double shuttle duty! *grin*