Today I was in a meeting where I was left feeling a bit flummoxed. This year in my building we have Lostboy #2. He is a cute kid, and I honestly laugh a lot at the stories told throughout the building regarding Lostboy#2. Up until recently he was a pretty manageable student. Often character-building, but manageable. In the past couple weeks of school he has become more difficult. (He's not one of my students)

So I was in a meeting today with staff members, and someone got paged out of the meeting to go help with the student.

Later that person returned and said very little, however the look on the person's face said it all. I started praying (in my head, of course) right then and there.

We continued our meeting and the person was called on the radio again and then she used the name of Jesus in a negative way.

I sat there. Stunned. Shocked.

At that moment I missed Joplin in such a way that I ached. While our students frustrated us in Joplin, we often vented, but we never cursed. I can't even explain how alone I felt in that moment.

I just sat and prayed, and honestly fought tears back.

I also debated what to do. I wanted to say something. However, due to my position in the building, I kept my mouth shut. (I also knew that tears would fall if I did so.)

The meeting ended and I went back to my room and put on the latest worship CD I bought yesterday.

In it, a phrase connected with me, and it has been my prayer tonight:

Glory to God by Fee (Hope Rising CD)

Take my life and let it be
All for You and for Your Glory
Take my life and let it be Yours

Glory to God
Glory to God
Glory to God

It's amazing what a worship song can do.


I feel better than I did this afternoon.

Thank You, God.