Getting in Shape!

So, I may not be "overweight" but I am clearly out of shape. The longer I have had the Wii, the more activities I am doing and finding how out of shape I am. Tonight I ran 1.4 miles in ten minutes. By the end of that, I took off the hoodie (T-Shirt still on!) and gulped water. Don't worry, I warmed up prior to running and cooled down after it! I am AMAZED at how well this little video game is challenging me. I am also enjoying the Balance Games. For obvious reasons, I don't have good balance, so I am challenged and laughing a lot as I attempt the games. It's probably good I'm learning them with Jay as my only audience, as I probably look goofy doing all the games. *grin*

So, it's been a full day, and time to crash for the night...