Love Is...

...sometimes easy and sometimes hard.
...seeing God's kids through His eyes.
...loving people right where they are at; emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
...looking past a disability and seeing the person inside the skin.
...learning how to give selflessly and not minding it.
...helping a person with Daily LIving Skills; even when it's tough.
...seeing the good in God's kids, even when they make bad choices.
...getting Emmy to breakfast at her speed instead of my own.
...getting Emmy back to the cabin when she would rather stay right where is at the moment.
...not being afraid to love, even when you've been hurt before.
...realizing how selfish I am 99% percent of the time; and working to be less selfish.
...loving on God's kids in all you do!
...knowing the boundaries are actually a healthy thing.
...letting Tiffany tickle me.
...loving instead of yelling.
...saying yes to campers as much as possible.
...letting Martha Grace grab my hand and walk me around the Mess Hall for 20 seconds or less. *grin*
...watching Stephanie let Martha Grace walk her around to all the guys and laughing all the way.
...watching campers lead CIA's around, even when they're exhausted!
...watching Jenelle and the CIA's love on each other.
...hearing CIA's talk KINDLY about Jenelle.
...laughing during Family Time.
...praying with the CIA's during Family Time.
...hearing Emily H.'s life story, and LOVING every second of it!
...having Emmy hug me when she doesn't want to do something.
...sneaking Emmy three M&M's during the "old" party last night; then having her wink at me for doing so.
...playing with the camp dog in the dining hall.
...falling on the ground and realizing I'm blessed enough to be able to get up on my own.
...watching campers have the birthday rap sung to them in the dining hall.
...missing the Ford family while visiting camp.
...grinning ear-to-ear as Laura shares at Wrap-Up.
...realizing that what a person can do is more important than what they can't do.
...unconditional even when it's INCREDIBLY difficult.
...risking getting hurt; and doing it anyway.
...letting someone in as a Facebook friend; then they see the good, bad, and ugly sides of my life. *grin*
...paying to go to camp and work the whole time and not minding the fact you paid to work hard.
...having people excited to see me!
...having people want to take pictures with me.
...laughing at what the campers say.
...laughing all the time at camp.
...walking hand-in-hand with Emmy and realizing how much fun it is to have someone walk as slowly as me. *grin*
...missing Jay while he's being boarded one last night.
...being His ears, hands, and eyes.
...loving to the best of my ability and knowing that it isn't perfect love; but I'm trying.
...looking at someone's limp and then looking in that person's eyes.
...not being afraid to ask someone why they're different.
...sometimes not reciprocated; but worth the risk.
...realizing how loved we are, and thanking God for it!