A Parent's Words

Tonight I had to make some phone calls to get some of my paperwork just right for MAP Testing next month. Most of the phone calls were short and sweet, with the parents agreeing to the changes. I expected it to be pretty easy, as it wasn't like I wanted to change anything major on their paperwork.

During one of the phone calls, the parent stopped me and said she wanted to tell me something. I expected parents to say that, as we don't do third quarter conferences at the Elementary Level here. So the parent went on to tell me that her son adores me. I was blessed by that but she followed with "I really appreciate what you're doing for my son. You've helped him so much this year." I was blessed, and honestly a little nervous because that parent isn't one to say those kinds of things to me.

She went on to say that whenever they see something M&M's, he wants to buy it for me. (She stated she would if they had the cash.) She also said that he's working on a Boy Scout Project for me. Apparently he doesn't typically talk about teachers like he has this year.

I have never had a Boy Scout Project made for me. *grin*

I thanked her for the kind words and hung up shortly after that.

And that was the highlight of my day....