With the end of Spring Break upon me, I sit here and feel so thankful for the people God has put in my life. I will admit, I miss my friends in Joplin where I was surrounded by so many strong Christians. Even at work I had friends who believed in Christ and even though our denominations were different, we all lived a life that was to the best of our ability with Christ in our lives. There weren't curse words or negative outlooks on life. (For the most part, there are always exceptions to that rule!) I was blessed.

My shift to L.S. has brought challenges at work that I didn't really expect. And while that's okay, as Jesus didn't always walk the easy road or hang out with just people who believed in Him, it's often lonely in a sense that I can't really explain.

So, this weekend when Laura arrived, I was SO EXCITED! This entire weekend has been incredible. We laughed, played the Wii a lot, went to Awakening last night, and just sat and talked. It was SO REFRESHING to have someone who is walking the walk stay here and understand what I'm going through as well as share her own character-building experiences. I sit here and feel ENORMOUSLY blessed to have her in my life.

SingingGal also joined us Friday night and Saturday. We did the Cheesecake Factory Friday Night, followed by Wii Fun here at the Resort. Yesterday we spent almost 3 hours at Perkins just talking and solving all the world's problems. *grin* It was PRICELESS.

It felt really good to have my friends here who are strong in the Lord and can understand what I'm saying, sometimes before I even say it! I don't really have that here with friends (yet), so this weekend was the most incredible one I have had so far here in L.S. I'm a blessed very blessed.

The other cool thing is that SingingGal moved here, so I have a strong Christian friend living near me again. AND I get to go to Barnabreak this weekend and see Laura again! Woop!