Among the Hidden by Haddix

I haven't posted for several days, and there is a REALLY good reason for it. I mean, between work, after-school commitments, and walking Jay, my week has been packed! Okay, not really. I mean, it has been busy, but I still managed to do Facebook, email, and grade a few papers. Therefore, it clearly wasn't THAT busy!

The main reason I haven't posted is because I'm sucked into a new (to me) book series. I have always LOVED to read, and it has been SO MUCH FUN to have a new series to read!

Among the Hidden is the first book in the Shadow Children Series written by Margaret Haddix. The stories take place in a futuristic society where it is against the law to have more than two children. Any third child born in a family is called a Third Child. Third Children are kept in hiding, where no one about them except their immediate family. The law is enforced by the Population Police. The role of the Population Police is to find Third Children and kill them. The story is about Luke (Lee), and his life as a Third Child.

I am currently on book #4, Among the Barons. With the exception of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, this is the first Series I have been sucked into this much. Margaret Haddix is a gifted author who knows how to write chapters that make you NOT want to put the book down. I even carry the book back and forth to school just in case I have a time to read the book. (I never do, but you never know when it could happen!) While it is a book written for young adults, I have found it thoroughly entertaining as an adult. (Some might argue that I am a kid at heart though!)

It makes me want Summer to start! I have another series I want to read after I finish this one. There are 7 books in the Series, and I'm on book #4. It's fun to have books to look forward to reading!

If you don't have a book to read currently, I HIGHLY recommend this series. But I warn you, once you start, it's hard to stop reading the books!

I would write more, but well, I have a book to read!