Big Mike!!!

There was a student that I had for four years who became one of my first favorite students. I first had him as a First Grader when I was student-teaching in a Regular Education Classroom. He was already labeled for Special Education Services and attended special classes that year. Mike was tall, even as a first grader.

I continued to have Big Mike in second, fourth, and fifth grades in the Special Education Setting. Looking back, I was a YOUNG teacher (He was in the first class I had as a Special Educator.) and I'm not sure how much I taught him academically, but I do know that I taught him to believe he could become anything he wanted to be.

Even as he went on to Middle School and High School, we stayed in touch. He would drop by once in a while to let me know what was up in his world. He even nominated me for the KSN/Continental Auto Mall Teacher of the Month in 2005. This past July, he even helped me move to L.S. Needless to say, I think we've both impacted each other's lives in a positive way.

Football became his thing, and he became known as Big Mike. His name is synonymous with JHS football, and everyone knows who he is and what he's all about.

Today I received a call from him. He called during MAP testing and I called him back.

As it turns out, Big Mike is graduating High School next month (Which is HUGE, I was afraid that may not happen.) and has a full-ride scholarship to a college to play football and attend classes. He said, "Yep, four years of college so I can get a teaching degree and get outta there."

He also said I will be receiving an invitation to graduation in the mail.

And for the first time in my life, I truly learned the definition of PROUD.

I also realized how cool my job is and what it can do for the little people.

And the big ones too!