One of the skills I teach my little people is estimation. Sometimes I scratch my head and laugh as they tell their views on their estimations and I refrain from telling them that their ideas aren't quite what I was trying to teach them. It's a skill that I continue to teach all year long, as it's a life-long skill that they will use the rest of their life.

I start teaching the easy stuff. Do you have enough money to purchase the object on the piece of paper? (For some, it requires a lesson in money first.) Then we move up to how many objects can we buy if you have $10.00? We keep moving up and up in the curriculum. Sometimes kids catch on right away, and sometimes it's takes longer.

I feel like I'm the kid that is taking a while to get it.

I was thinking yesterday that I tend to overestimate people. I think that's a good quality actually...seeing the best in others when everyone around you is pointing out what is wrong with a person. The only draw back to that philosophy is it sometimes leads to hurt.

I often open the door to relationships, seeing the best, wanting the best, hoping for the best, and sometimes it still falls apart. Drama will occur, and I will often think, "It will be okay, the person can handle it." Then I find that I was wrong, and the other person can't quite handle things the way I expected them to.

I recently walked through this, and while no harsh words were said, it bummed me that the other person couldn't handle my setting of boundaries in a responsible way.

Have you been there? It seems to me that the older I get the more I expect people to be mature. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't.

So, as I was pondering this yesterday and today, I came to a few things.

First off, God loves it that I see the best in people. I can't imagine viewing people any other way.
Second, just because some people can't handle the "stuff" with me, I trust that God used me in their lives in a positive way.
Third, Drama is a part of life. Unfortunately. It's just up to me to walk it out as God leads.
Fourth, God says to forgive repeatedly, so I will not pick up anything short of that when my estimations are off-base.
Fifth, Insecurity makes people do stuff that they normally wouldn't do.
Sixth, I'm not going to let the people that I overestimate keep me from loving others. Life is too short to do that!

So, I pray that this speaks to you on some level.

As for me, I have a book to get back to reading. *grin*