Today we had our last interview for the LifeSkills opening in my school. Earlier this year, our LifeSkills Teacher Resigned and we have had a substitute in that room since then. I have been praying for MONTHS over the position, praying that God would put the right person in our SVE Family. We had interviews Monday evening, and another one today, and the gal who interviewed today was offered and accepted the job! I AM SO EXCITED! The Lord is bringing a wonderful, experienced Special Educator who is a perfect fit into our school! I can't tell how excited I am! Honestly, tonight I feel the most excited I've felt this Semester.

I also thought it was cool how my principal caught me earlier today and we were chatting and I told her that I was REALLY happy here. I said this right after my eleven o'clock crew walked out, joking with me as they left. Then we had the interview and Crista was offered the job! She is a gift from God!!! I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited!

Also, there is unofficial scuttlebutt that I have some help headed my way in the fall with my caseload! I was told today that I have the highest Learning Center Caseload (25+1 coming) in the entire district! I'm glad help is coming. I needed to hear that...I seriously needed to hear that!

It is always fun to see God answer prayers. He answered my prayers for help with my caseload, as well as for the perfect teacher for the LifeSkills Classroom! Woop!