I Still Can't Believe It!

Tonight I went to Awakening and joined some friends for service. Jaye Thomas led worship, and I just stood there amazed. I have been living here ten months now, and I still find myself stopping and thanking God for placing me here. I have said for years that the Prayer Room was "Home" to me, and well, Awakening has that same feel for me as well. Seven years of prayer, and I'm here.

I am still amazed. Absolutely amazed.

And you know, I don't want to lose this feeling. I don't want this to become "normal" to me. I want the wonder and awe of God to still catch me by surprise. I still want to be able to say "Thank you, God" for even the smallest things he's blessed me with here.

And above all, I don't want worship and the music here to become "normal." As Jaye led us in "I gotta reason to dance, dance, got a reason to lift my hands" (it's a chorus out of IHOP) I just stood there and smiled.

Then I thanked God.

I was reminded: I am home.