Is Jesus Enough?

This weekend has been exactly what I needed. Last night, God started knocking on my heart again...and I started talking again. It was a night I will never forget.

Tonight I went and drove shuttles and went into the service when the traffic of people died down. Worship was fantastic. It was led by Misty, and I was in a deep place with the Lord again. It wasn't Misty, it was the was GREAT. The gentleman that came out to preach was one I had never heard of before, but he is now someone I will never forget. His name was Stephen.

Just as Allen Hood's Message back in 2003 rocked my world, tonight's message was just as powerful and memorable. I was challenged to think "Is Jesus enough?" I will admit, that has not been alive in my heart. I've been stuck. Stuck on dreams and hopes of things that haven't come to pass yet. Stuck on things that concern ME and not the Lord. We were posed with a question..if I get to the end of my life, and those dreams don't come to pass (this is a paraphrase that is adaptable to my situation, he geared it slightly different for the full-time IHOPPers) will Jesus be enough? I wish I could sit here and say "Yes, of course, Jesus is glorified in all do now right now", but honestly I can't. No, I'm not knee-deep in sin as a former church I belonged to preached, but I have been focused on dreams, and not so much on the Lord.

I used to walk out my walk and constantly say, "Lord, is this pleasing to you?" or "Lord may this glorify you". I don't do that as much anymore. I think I need to shift my thought-life a bit.

I was also challenged tonight with, "Let's say those dreams don't come to pass, and my reason for being here is for a student or friend of mine to see Jesus." Is Jesus enough for me?

I dunno.

I do know that I want it to be though.

Guess it's time to start praying....