Life Is Good!

Tonight I was feelin' a bit down, and couldn't really explain why. It was a really good day, but I was feeling down. I came home and walked Jay, and it was a beautiful evening. After eating dinner, I decided to go shop a bit. Jay and I got in the car, and went for a drive.

We went to the new shopping center here in Lee's Summit. While many of the stores are still being built, I came across one that made me turn around...THERE'S A LIFE IS GOOD SHOP HERE! I have never been in a shop that sells ALL Life is Good stuff! I'm sure the gal working there thought I was a bit weird as I kept talking to myself as I walked around saying, "Oh, this is cool!" or "Oh, how cute." I wound up buying a Life is Good shirt that I plan to wear to school tomorrow.

And, as I was driving off, I heard the Lord say to me, "See, LIFE IS GOOD."