The Little People

One of the perks of teaching Elementary School is that the kids are smaller in size than I am. I have to admit, I REALLY like that. Therefore, I call them "The Little People." They all seem to enjoy that, believe it or not!

Today we continued our state-wide assessment, and I was impressed with one of my little guys. He worked EXTRA hard on one problem until he figured it out. It took him four tries until he got it. It amazed me. At one point, he called me over and showed me his scratch paper that said, "I wish it had ______ as an answer choice." I grinned, and said, "Sorry." He grinned back. THEN he went back to figuring it out. LOVE. IT.

Some of my other students thought they had all the questions answered correctly when they didn't even use their scratch paper. Which made me scratch my head...

At the end of the day, I was walking back to my classroom when two third grade classrooms started picking on me because I like KU. The funny thing is that I don't know many of those students personally. They just know me as the teacher who likes KU. *grin*

Works for me.

I tell ya, I love Little People Land!