The time right now is 12:02, and my Birthday is officially over. I will say, it was a very nice day, and as I sit here and reflect on it, I am reminded of how incredibly loved I am.

I started the day cuddling with Jay. This is my favorite Saturday Morning activity, and I got to bond with the little furry kid before the day began! I loved that!

I went and met my family for lunch at Zio's and had a GREAT time. (We won't dwell on the fact I made two bad turns and got stopped by a train on the way, and was 45 minutes late for my own Birthday Lunch!) I received some very nice gifts but the best part was just hanging out with my family. It is really nice to live this close and be able to share my Birthday with them again. For ten years I lived two hours away, so it's nice to be close again.

I came home and did some cleaning since the Springer Resort will be open on Tuesday. It felt good to get that done!

I was hanging the lovely wall hangings that I received as gifts today when my phone rang. SingingGal called and wished me a Happy Birthday and asked what I was doing tonight. Long story short, we decided to hang out tonight! She came over and we took Jay for a walk around the lake and had a GREAT time. It is always fun to just sit and talk with SingingGal. We tend to laugh A LOT and just simply enjoy hanging out. It was the highlight of my day!

After she left, I spent some time on Facebook and replied to all my Birthday Greetings. After I was done, I counted them up. There were 90 of them! I looked at all of them, and was amazed at how the greetings represented different seasons of my life. Some of them are current relationships, and some go back as far as ten years of friendship, not counting family. (Although, Ms. H. gets the award for the longest friendship with me!) And, I realized how loved I am. I am blessed beyond words. And, that my friends, is the best birthday gift of all!

37 Years Young! LOVE. IT.