Alegria=Wow! Wow! Wow!

A few weeks back I discovered that Alegria was coming to KC. I was immediately excited because I have enjoyed Cirque Du Soliel Shows for YEARS. The Summer I turned 21 my Dad and I went to Las Vegas for four days. While riding the bus system (Something I have zero desire to do again) a man was wearing a Mystere shirt. Neither of us had even heard of Mystere, or Cirque. My Dad asked the guy about Mystere, and the guy said something like, "If you don't see this show, you're missing the best show out here." Needless to say, we bought tickets, not knowing A THING about it. I still remember sitting there, and prior to the show and the nutty professor was stealing people's hats and popcorn, and laughing like crazy! This afternoon was very similar.

While there wasn't a professor, there was a clown and a side-kick who provided humorous entertainment in-between the INCREDIBLE acts. They had the trampolines (one of my personal favorites!), fire throwers, and HIGH trapeze/throwing people act, as well as several other acts. It was INCREDIBLE.

As I sat there this afternoon, I laughed a lot, and the word I kept repeating was "Wow!" They always make it look SO EASY. In reality, I know that they work at it to make the show spectacular! I just kept saying "Wow!" It was a show where I enjoyed every second!

Since that trip to Vegas with my Dad, I have now seen 5 different Cirque shows. I've seen Dralion, Quidam, O, Mystere, and now Alegria. Amazing stuff. I know the tickets aren't cheap, but if you have ever a chance to see a show, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is worth EVERY penny!!!

I told my Mom as we were driving away, it made me want to see "Mystere" again. *grin* I say that after EVERY Cirque show. I guess Mystere will always be my favorite, but it's fun to join the other shows and see what else they can come up with for an act. Amazing...